Monday, June 18, 2012

And the craziness of Summer begins!!!

After a great Memorial Day weekend, complete with Ski to Sea racing and a first place finish for our team in the corporate division, it was time to settle down and head into the month of June.... or so I thought!!!

June came right on in, and the weather acted just like early spring.....complete with rain, rain, and more rain!!!  So, we sat back and complained, and it did no good..... more rain has kept coming, with a day here and there of sunshine and warmth, to simply lure is into believing that Summer has arrived.  Fact is, we all know Summer doesn't start around these parts until about the 5th of July!!!

We celebrated a land mark moment in our lives this past week..... our little boy, Evan, has grown up and gone all the way through Elementary school..... and is now officially a Middle schooler!!!  We are so happy, so excited and so very proud!!!  And yet, our hearts break a little as well, to know how fast time is going by, and to know that the next ten years will probably go by at least twice as fast!!!

We got to attend a very wonderful 5th grade moving-on ceremony at the school on the final day..... they did a great job, and we had a great time.  Summer vacation is here for the kiddos now, and they are quite excited.

Grammy & Papa, and also Aunt Janice, all arrived here with their RV's on the 7th of June.  They have set up residence here for the month, until we all head over to Wenatchee together for the state baseball tournament.  The kids are loving that they get to have sleep-overs at Grammy & Papa's place every night...... not that they get spoiled or anything, I am sure!

I have been trying, despite the poor weather, to get ready for my first big ride of the season, the Petal Pedal Century, down in Silverton, OR.  This was supposed to be a brother's weekend trip and bike ride together, but Brad has since backed out on me and left me to travel alone instead.  I am very bummed out about this, and rather disappointed in him for his lack of commitment, but it is what it is, and now I will just have to alter my plans for the upcoming weekend.  Sadly, Brad was also supposed to be riding the Seattle to Portland ride with us this year, is already registered and paid up for it..... and at this point, I just don't see him doing it either.  So, back to riding solo for me yet again.... perhaps that is just how I am supposed to ride?!?!?!?!

Today, our two beef that we have raised here since birth, are being butchered.  They are very good looking animals, and will provide most delicious and nutritious protein to us.....and yet, I am sad to see them go!  they are the last two beef we have, and the last of our farm animals....... Little Bearfoot Farm is a farm no more now!!!  :-(  The financial crisis has taken over, and sadly, we won't even be able to afford to get any more beef, even just for us.  So, we will enjoy this beef to the fullest, and remember Walter and Lexie as they provide yummy meals for us.

We finished up the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class..... and it was really great.  We are now trying hard to start the process of getting out of debt (sadly, we have a very long way to go!)...... so that we can begin rebuilding our financial status, and get on track to live debt free for the rest of our lives.  We have already built up our $1000 emergency fund, and we have cut up all credit cards.... no more, every again!!!  We are working on putting together our financial portfolio and monthly budgets, and are hoping to start working on the debt snowball technique to get rid of debt, hopefully very soon.

As a part of our financial mess, and of successfully completing the Dave Ramsey class, I have come to realize that I must go and find a second job, so that I can bring in more monthly income to help start paying down our debts faster, in an effort to try and save at least some years with our kids still here with us, to be able to do things we want to be able to do with them, and for them.  It is no fault of theirs that we are in this situation, and it pains me deeply that they are the ones who suffer because of it.... and so, I must do what I must do to try and remedy that situation.  I am hopeful that it will be short term pain for a long term gain.... but only God knows the answer to that right now.

So, this Friday I will head to PDX for the weekend.  I will ride in the Petal Pedal century ride on Saturday, and then head back to my great friend's place for a big BBQ steak dinner all evening long.  On Sunday, I am planning to ride a nice recovery ride with my friend.  And then on Monday, I will return back home again.  And then, that next Friday, we will head to PDX yet again, the family this time.... to attend our niece's (Kendahl) graduation party!!!  We will return from that trip on Sunday, only to get ready to head over to Wenatchee on the 4th of July...... to get ready for the state baseball tournament!!!

Upon returning from Wenatchee after a week, it will be reload and prepare time.... as we head to Seattle that following Friday for the Seattle to Portland  cycling weekend!!!  :-)

Yep.... the craziness of Summer must be finally upon us!!!  :-)