Thursday, June 13, 2013

School's Out... Times Three!!!

Today marks the last day of the school year for our kids!  Evan is now moving on to the 7th grade, and Sierra will become a 4th grader!  Hard to believe... they are growing up so fast, and this school year went by in the blink of an eye for me.

However, that's not all..... no, we have another graduate as well.  Tracie has formally finished her Medical Transcription program, and passed her final exams..... with honors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-)

So, it is official.... School's out for Summer!!!

OK, not actually, completely..... because Sierra has asked to go to summer school.  YES, that is correct... she actually wants to go to summer school.  In fact, she would rather go to summer school than to go on the vacations that we have planned for the summer!!!

As it turns out, the school is glad to have her as well..... because she will be able to develop her math and writing skills to an even higher level before the new year begins.  Of course, for Sierra, it's all about being with her friends and teachers.  I don't know that she understands that summer school will be different.... but hey, who am I to stop her from wanting to go to school?!?!?!?!   :-)

And so, it is time to celebrate!!!  We must celebrate that our kids have made it through another year of school.  And we MUST celebrate that Tracie has finally finished her schooling, and is now ready to start looking for employment!  :-)

Come on Summer..... we are ready!!!

And lastly, on a different note...... we are putting our home and property on the market for sale, in the next couple of weeks.  We plan to downsize substantially, and financially.  So, we have a very busy next couple of months ahead, as we start to pack, organize, sell, give away, etc.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Time Has Come.....

Well, it has finally happened.  After a very long and much anticipated wait, Tracie has completed her online studies for Medical Transcription!!!  This online course has taken her much longer than she ever anticipated or wanted or dreamed of, and was much more difficult than she ever had planned on it being.  But, after four years of working on it, she has finally completed the program!!!

Today is a very big day for Tracie.  Today she will take the final exam.  The final exam is expected to take her around 6-9 hours to complete!!!  She must pass this final exam in order to be done with the schooling, and to graduate the program.  This is a very big day, and a very big deal.  It won't be easy, as the testing process allows her to use open book and all available resources as she takes it..... which means it won't be easy.

However, she has studied hard, worked hard over the past month in preparation, and has great resources at her side.  We all believe that she will pass today, and that she will be on her way out of school, and on to the work force!

Good luck, Tracie!!!  I know you can do this..... you have come too far to not finish strong now.

Please be thinking about Tracie, and even say some prayers for her today..... I know she will appreciate every one of them!  :-)