Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yep, a very strange title indeed.  But, it best describes this week/weekend for us.  :-)

I celebrated my 44th birthday on Thursday.  Had a really nice day, although not all exactly as I had thought or planned it to be.  Had a morning of chasing loose cattle around, getting them onto my property to keep them safe, and then doing fence repairs all morning...not part of the daily plan!!!  Now, we have not only our own two beef cows, but also four more of my neighbors cows, which have managed to escape his property!  Good times..... but hey, that's what good neighbors are for, right?!?!?!?!

Next, Sierra had her first of two dance recitals yesterday evening!!!  She has been taking jazz dance class for months now, and has worked hard for this moment.  I was at work yesterday, so missed the first performance last evening....however, I hear that it went extremely well, and that my girl performed most wonderfully!!!  Today is the final performance, and I am looking forward to watching Sierra dance her heart out for me, and for all who have come to see her!!!

The attention getter of the title... Jail... well, that is the most wonderful news that I received yesterday afternoon from the detective working on our case against Greg Bass, the horrific and most despicable pedophile that we personally know...... that yesterday Greg was arrested and booked into jail!!!!  Three felony counts against him...and with a past history already of being a level 1 sex offender...... he will be heading to prison, most likely for a long time.  This has brought some great relief to me, personally, and is helping to bring closure to a most horrible past three weeks for my family.

I do not expect anyone else to be able to understand, or empathize or sympathize with how we have been affected, or with what we are feeling..... and I would NEVER wish it upon anyone I care about at all..... but trust me, even as a Christian, a person of faith..... I am convinced that prison is exactly where this monster needs to be... at least for a period of time. 

So, since Thursday was crazy busy, with my birthday, loose cattle, fences to be repaired, a bike ride I really wanted and needed, Sierra having final dance recital rehearsal, Evan having his first baseball practice for the season....well, we just didn't get to do my birthday dinner the way we wanted.  So......

We are going to attend Sierra's dance recital this afternoon at 3pm, and then we are heading to Kyoto's Steakhouse for my official birthday dinner!!!  YUMMY!!!!!  :-)

So, there is the quick down and dirty update on where we are at now.....

Grammy and Papa and Aunt Janice are all here visiting with us, so the craziness is absolute, for real and legit!!!  :-)

That's it for now.......

Monday, March 19, 2012

Here We Go.................

Yep..... this week must be the official start of Spring for this year.  No, NOT at all because the weather says so!  Although, today has actually been about the closest day, weather wise, we have had that resembles Spring.  And No, NOT just simply because the calendar states that Spring Equinox is officially tomorrow!  Rather, I am convinced that Spring has arrived simply because our lives are about to get absolutely, completely and totally crazy nuts as of this week!!!  AND, it won't slow down for us from this week until around the first week of September!!!  I am NOT kidding, either........

Starting with this evening, baseball season has officially begun for us.  And this year, it's not just one kid, but both kids playing!  Sierra has her very first "machine pitch league" practice this evening at 6:30pm.  Evan has his first practice for the boys "10U competitive" team this Thursday evening.  From here on out, there will be practices at least twice a week, if not more, until games begin!!!

Next, on Wednesday.... Grammy and Papa and Aunt Janice will be arriving to stay with us for a while.  They are coming to visit with us, spend time with the kids, to attend Sierra's big dance recitals, celebrate my birthday.... and then Grammy will stay with us to spend Spring Break with the kids, while Papa and Aunt Janice go back to Oregon.

Yes, you read correctly.... I have a birthday this week... on Thursday to be exact!!!  44 years old.... and so glad that I do NOT feel that age at all!!!  Having my health back, and choosing to take care of myself on the inside and the outside..... has me feeling about 10 years younger that I did just a short 3 years ago!!!  YAY  :-)

And yes, in addition to my birthday this week, we have Sierra's dance recitals as well.... on Friday evening, and again on Saturday afternoon.  She has been working long and hard to learn her dance routine, and is so very excited for us all to be there to watch her perform..... and I am certain she is going to do a most wonderful job!

As we wind down next weekend and head into the final week of March, we will fall into the more regular (yeah, sure...whatever that means) routine of baseball practices and family life.  The first week of April is Spring Break..... and we have no set plans as of yet, with exception that Grammy will be here with us.  No doubt, the kids will come up with many things for us to do, I am sure of that!  :-)

I am still having a most difficult time believing that March is nearly come and gone!!!  What happened???  I know we have had a crazy month here, with some really significant things happening lately..... but this just isn't right.  I mean.... it was still snowing here as of yesterday!!!  And the low lying hills all around us are still blanketed in white!!!  This "Global Warming" is going to cause us all to freeze to death, from what I am seeing so far!!!  :-(

So, the first quarter of this year didn't start off really well for us..... so, I would really like to put it all behind us, and start our year fresh with the coming of April..... that shouldn't be too much to ask, I don't think.  I mean, Easter is in April, and that is more than enough good reason to celebrate!!!  So, we will plan to start this year with April, Easter, Spring, Baseball, Dance, Birthday and Family!!!!!

Oh, and one last thing..... for all who read my last blog post..... YES, we are still hurting!  YES, we are still dealing with it!  YES, we are still waiting on the legal system to run its course!  YES, I still stand by my every word and action that resulted from what that sick monster did to my family!  And YES, I firmly believe that it is my duty to get the word out to everyone I care about, and to do my part to help protect them all from having to ever be caught in any situation with this very sick and slick person, where they could find themselves in the same predicament as we did!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Predator Among Us.................

We are sickened.  We are saddened.  We are outraged.  We are devastated.  We are disgusted.

This past week we came to find out that the person whom we considered to be a great family friend, Greg Bass, is actually nothing more than a lying, deceiving, perverted, monster of a pedophile!!!!!!!!  :-(

Our hearts ache to know that we gave this predator the last 12 years of our lives, to see him on a journey of recovery and restoration, of giving him opportunities to change his life, and to be included in ours.  We opened our hearts, our home, and our lives to this person, doing what we felt God wanted us to do.  We never fully trusted Greg, and we were always diligent in doing everything we could to protect our kids, knowing of Greg's past, and his being labeled a level one sex offender, from what he did to his own two boys.

We were careful, and we were diligent.....but he was manipulative and deceiving!!!  He was a very good actor, and he played his part extremely well......taking his time.....years even, to do everything he possibly could to work his way in to our family....all in an effort to get to our son!!!  :-(

Well, everything came out this past week, and a very long story made short is this....  the monster is out of our lives!!!  We are working hard on our end of things to have him arrested and convicted and locked away, where he belongs.  We are getting the word out to everyone we know, and all who could be impacted by this predator!!!

Let me say this, to be very clear to you all who are reading........ Greg Bass is most certainly NOT the person he presents himself to be!!!  Greg Bass is NOT rehabilitated from his past!!!  Greg Bass is most certainly a monster, a predator and a pedophile!!!  Be very careful if you should choose to be involved in his life from this day forward.  He has done absolute destruction to his own family.....not only once now, but again, just recently!!!  He has tried to destroy my family.... and by the grace of God, we were able to stop him from doing so!!!!

They live among us..... and they are everywhere!  It is a scary world... so be careful.  Protect your loved ones!  Believe me..... I thought we were doing everything right.... and a monster still found his way in.

As for us.... we are doing better each day.  We are strong, and we have a most awesome and amazing network of family, friends and pastoral care..... we are so very blessed.  :-)

We will prevail.... we have God on our side!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Snow.... Are You Kidding Me???!!!???!!!???!!!???

It is March....not just March, but 6 days into March..... and what happens last nigh?  SNOW!!!  I wake up to find a winter wonderland outside once again.....after begging and pleading and praying for nicer days to come, drier days, warmer days, sunnier days!!!

Well, the sun came with it, so I at least got that.  Absolutely beautiful outside today, with clear blue skies and sunshine.....but not warm, and not dry yet either.

I am beginning to despise winter, and even more, snow  :-(

I can see right now, so very clearly, that I will be a snowbird just the minute I retire from the fire service!!!  Arizona and/or Southern California for the Winter months, and then where our kids are for the late Spring and Summer and Fall..... yes, that should work just fine!!!