Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SAD in July?!?!?!?!

SAD... Seasonal Affective Disorder, is NOT something typically seen or heard of during the summer months around here, but rather something very common during our long and dark and wet and cold and dreary winter months!!!  But alas, this years weather actually SUCKS!!!  Here it is the end of July, and it is completely cloudy and cold and wet and ridiculous outside!!!!  I do believe that I am beginning to feel the start of SAD coming on   :-(

I am not one who likes it to be hot in the summer, but simply sunny  and 70 would be very nice for sure!!!  As of right now, I am just thinking about all of the places we could/should be going where we can enjoy some sunshine and warmer temps.

Feels like fall outside today....has me thinking about lighting off burn piles, and planning for a hunting trip.... or even that I should be getting ready for the annual chili cook-off!!!  Crazy!!!

OK, my complaining isn't changing the weather any, so I may as well stop..... I am sure we all feel the same way about it anyway.  :-)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

OK, so July has nearly passed on by now..........

Another two weeks have slipped on by in a real hurry...... at this rate, I should be looking to retire from the fire service in another year or so!!!  ;-)

Well, STP weekend was a huge success this year.  So much fun, with such great people..... absolutely love this weekend each year, and am already excited for next year!  After a great weekend of riding from Seattle to Portland with my two fantastic buds, Scott Taube and Stu Hodnot, we then spent Sunday night at Grammy & Papa's place.  They were gone, over on the Metolius River, camping and waiting for us to arrive.  Sunday night we met with Tracie's parents and younger sis, Sherri and her girls and boyfriend, Scott.  Great time out to dinner at Coyote's, then back to Sherri's for a visit and campfire evening.

Monday morning we got up and cleaned up and went shopping and head breakfast....then headed over to central Oregon, Sisters area, on the Metolius River, where we joined Grammy & Papa, along with Great Grandpa and Aunt Janice for a week of camping.  We had a great week, lots of fun and nice weather, and really just enjoyed ourselves a whole lot!!!  :-)

We came home, 11 hour day of travelling, on Sunday the 17th.  I went to work the next day, then spent this week unpacking, cleaning up, and getting ready for the final Africa Missions Trip Garage Sale, which occurred today!!!

In addition, I rode a 10 mile time trial ride this morning, as fast as I could go for 10 miles, as part of an online challenge.  Then, after a bit of recovery time and some breakfast, Brad and I took off and rode to Silver Lake and back again..... for a nice 47 mile bike ride today.  The girls worked the garage sale, and make around $500.  :-)

Now, the girls are at the church (CTK) for their final missions trip meeting.  they leave next Sunday night, so the time is running down fast!!!

I head back to work again tomorrow, then again on Wednesday.  Grammy & Papa will come up towards the end of the week, with their motor home, to stay with my and the kids while Tracie is in Africa.   

Next Saturday, Brad and I will ride in the Tour de Whatcom together, tackling the full 105 mile course.  This will be Brad's very first ever century ride, and I am looking forward to being a part of it with him!!!  :-)

That's about it for now....... time to go sit and relax this tired and sore body for a bit.  :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Summer So Far.......

We have been on the go since the kids got out of school.....and I am not complaining!  It has been fun thus far, and the fun is continuing for us as we prepare to head off again this weekend!!!  :-)

We just returned from Moses Lake, WA.....where we spent a week for Evan's 10U state baseball championship series.  What a bunch of fun we had over there!!!  Great times, great baseball, and great fun!!!  No, we didn't win the championship....but, our boys did great, and played really well.  Evan played absolutely fantastic baseball, made some really great plays, and hit a stellar in the park home run!!!  :-)

Bad news.... our Suburban lost the new transmission that we had put in not very long ago!!!  :-(  Worse yet, it will take a week before it can be repaired, and we leave tomorrow for our next big trip, which we needed the rig for!!!  Long story short there, we have a friends truck to use for our trip  :-)

Tomorrow we head to Seattle, for the 2011 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  Very excited to ride with Scott and Stu once again.  Should be a fun weekend of cycling, story telling, eating good food, and drinking good beer...... Hopefully I will have some photos and stories to share later!

After we finish up in Portland on Sunday, we will head over to the Metolius River on Monday for a week of camping.  It has been a while since we last were there, so we are all quite excited about it.  And, we get to spend some time with great grandpa on the Metolius, which is always a very special thing.

For now, time to get ready to head to Dan and Holly's this evening for a bbq slider burger cook-off!!!  :-)