Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moving Sale Success!!!

WOW...... all of the hard work and many days of preparation leading up to yesterday, proved to be more than well worth it for us!!!  We had an amazing first day at our moving sale.  Far more people came than we could have expected or hoped for, in spite of  a sudden turn in the weather, which gave us much needed rain that we just didn't want over this particular weekend!!!

Despite the rain, and even though it was Friday (still a weekday), the people poured in like crazy.  In the first few hours it was non-stop.  At one time, there were well over 20 vehicles here, with people everywhere!!!  And, they weren't just looking.... they were buying!!!

We fought the rain, we worked in the rain, we sold in the rain..... and in the end, we were rewarded substantially for all of our hard work and preparation.........

At the end of day 1 of our moving sale, we brought in over $2100 in sales!!!!!     :-)

Today we go at it again.  Yes, we still have a lot of stuff to sell.  We have even more stuff that we hadn't put out as of yesterday, due to lack of space and lack of time to get it all out and priced!!!  We didn't bring furniture out from the house due to the weather, so we have plenty left to add to the sale even today, in addition to all that still remains from yesterday.

No, I don't expect another $2000 day today.  However, I can see another $500 to $1000 coming in still over the next two days.  And that, to me, is a very successful sale!!!

Time to get coffee on board, grab a shower, and start moving furniture out to the sale area.

Oh, and please..... if you are reading this, and know of anyone looking for lots of Christmas decorations or outdoor lighting, or anyone looking for used furniture, good clothing, and more... please send them our way today!!!  :-)

Thanks for reading along!