Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Life, No More Blog.....

YES..... this is it.  I have decided, after much time, to give up my blog.  Many reasons, none of which really matter, or need to be stated here.  However, quite simply, the fact is, a lot has changed over the last several months for me, and for my family.  And though some of these changes are quite painful to me, I know that a new life is now ahead of us all.  I am in great need of positive change in my life right now.  It is time to focus on this new life with my family, and to focus on getting myself healthy once again (physically, mentally and spiritually).

And so, I am choosing to close this chapter along with the chapter of Little Bearfoot Farm, and the dreams there that I have now left behind.  If I am closing the door to the past, then this blog is part of it, and I am going to close it as well.

I know that this year has the potential to be absolutely amazing and awesome for me, and for my family.  I am ready to get busy with life now, ready to start over, ready to move ahead.  And so, the reason for my blog title on this final entry.....

New Year....... New Life......  No More Blog!!!!

Thanks for taking part in it while I had it.  It will still be quite easy to keep up with me and my new life..... just follow me on Facebook, or my Google Calendar.  I post to these frequently, and it works better than my blog ever did.  

See ya!!!!