Monday, February 27, 2012

Okay, March..... Spring in like a Lion!!!

Here we are, nearing the end of February.  I have been bike commuting regularly this year, regardless of weather, and it has been tough!!!  My attitude towards our Winter weather here has become less than even remotely nice!  I am so sick of wind and rain and cold and darkness!!!!!  I am ready for lighter and brighter days, with warmer temperatures and more sunshine...... that just can't be too much to ask for.

With March coming at the end of this week, I am blogging today in hopes that Spring will be coming earlier than normal this year for us!  I am so ready for it, and since we can't afford to leave here, even for a short weekend, to go somewhere nice and warm for a little get-away... well, then I am just going to have to pray in earnest and in overtime for Spring to arrive.  I am praying that March will be the month this year for an obvious change in weather conditions..... for the better!!!

Today, as I look outside, it is absolutely beautiful...the sun is shining, and the skies are clear.   However, it was all of 27 degrees outside this morning, and the wind is blowing, and everything is frozen, including the water line to supply our cattle's water trough.  This is the kind of thing that just gets me in a frenzy..... it looks like a perfect day to be outside, whether riding the bike or doing work around the farm.....and yet, I can't handle the cold anymore like I used to be able to.  The only thing I found to be negative about losing over 100 lbs....... I used to handle cold weather no problem.

So, I sit here today, anxiously awaiting Spring, and anxiously awaiting to hear from Fairhaven Bike, as they are doing repairs on my bike, which has left me without transportation until such time as they get the parts and do the work.  It is killing me....... I am now wondering why I don't have a back up bike, just for these occasions!!  LOL  :-)

On a much brighter note.... with the arrival of March comes the arrival of Spring sports!!!  Evan will be trying out for the 12U competitive baseball team in two weeks.  Sierra has decided to play machine pitch basball this season as well.  In addition, Evan is now playing the remainder of the indoor soccer season with a team who came up short a few players.  He is doing great, and having a lot of fun so far.  Sierra is finishing up her lessons and learning in jazz dance class, and is getting ready for the big dance recital at the end of March.  We will start to be very busy once again in just a couple of weeks, and that is exaclty how we like our lives around here!!!  :-)

So, come on March...... Spring on in like a Lion!!!  We are so ready for you  :-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One month later.....

Hard to believe, but it is true.... grandpa has been in heaven for a full month already!  We still all miss him so much here on earth, and yet I am still so very happy for him.  It has been sort of a whirl wind of life happenings since his death, and our trip down to Oregon.  Ever since returning, we really haven't yet gotten back into our own little family routine of life, and we have had others come to visit and stay with us as well.....and so it is, that here we are in the second week of February and I haven't updated my blog still.

In a nutshell, we came home to a nasty winter storm, complete with lot of snow, ice, wind, freezing rain and no school for a week.  From there, we dealt with Tracie being diagnosed with an L5 spine bulged disc, and essentially put on full bed rest for the next few weeks.  Grandma Kathy came up for a short week visit, and proceeded to have fun painting our kitchen and dining rooms, as well as redecorating.  We all enjoyed having her here, as she hardly ever gets to be with us all on her own.  She had a really good time, and the kids loved spending time with their grandma.  The same day that she left to go home, Grammy & Papa came up for a week long visit, to spend time with the kids, as well as to help us out in any way they could, since Tracie was unable to do much of anything.

We spent a lot of time having fun with playing games.  We also took the opportunity to take down all of the Christmas decorations, clean the house, and put everything back to "normal" once again.  And then, we had ourselves a fun Super Bowl Sunday!  We set up a projector, borrowed from our friend Greg, onto a 120" diagonal screen!!!  Way too much food, and lots of fun..... with Grammy, Papa, Brad, Greg and our family all together for the day.  :-)

We also took the opportunity to celebrate Brad's upcoming birthday, by going out to dinner at Herb Nieman's.  Brad will turn 41 this Friday!!!

Grammy & Papa left us yesterday, and we are now back to being just the four of us once again.  It is now time, I do believe, to actually try to get back into some resemblance of our own routine with life.  Spring is right around the corner, and a whole host of changes will be heading our way..... baseball, football, dance and more.

For now, it is time to start working on our taxes..... we badly need a refund this year, so we can try to scrape by for the months that lie ahead.  With our new work schedule that we have changed over to this year at the BFD, opportunity for overtime is nearly non-existent.  This is going to make for a really tough year financially for us, and it is my #1 goal to NOT allow the kids to have to see or feel that..... and to NOT let it directly effect them in a negative way.

On that note..... one more thing worth pointing out and asking for help on...... my brother, Brad, is losing his job at the end of this month.  His company is closing his branch office.  He is in need of work, and is already working hard to find another job.  If you could and would....please be praying for Brad!  And if you know of anything, or hear of anything..... please pass it on, either directly to him, or to us so we can tell him.  THANK YOU!!!  :-)

OK.... time to get this day started!!!