Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!!

After what has seemed to be the longest Winter ever on record, at least in my own personal little world, I am happy to report that Spring has finally arrived!!!  Yes, I know that the calendar says Spring officially starts on March 20th, but that is NOT something I ever hold on to, just like trusting a weather report.... could go either way!!!

However, this year, March 20th actually looked and felt and smelled like Spring in the air around here, which gave me some real hope that we were finally turning the corner and entering a new season.  What really convinced me, though, that Spring has sprung, wasn't the calendar date or the weather, but around our place we went from silence at night to an absolute deafening orchestra of frogs, simply in about one days time!!!  It is the most awesome sound to hear.... thousands of frogs croaking aloud in the evening as the sun goes down...... letting me know for certain that Spring has arrived!!!  :-)

Now don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying that things are yet exactly as I would like them to be.  The weather still isn't cooperating nearly as much as I would like it to, with temperatures still about 10 degrees cooler than I would like them to be, and still more rain than makes me happy as a cyclist looking to log some drier miles!!!  :-)

But alas, things are improving....the days are getting longer, the weather is slowly improving, and life is coming around int eh way of birds, frogs, plants, etc.  People are already moving lawns, and things just seem to look better as color starts coming back into them.  I am hopeful that this year we will enjoy a bit nicer Spring and Summer than we did last year.... in fact, I sort of feel like we deserve it!  ;-)

With Spring comes the absolute craziness and joy and happiness that is our lives this time of year...... Spring soccer, baseball, and this year we add t-ball.  Evan is back to playing soccer for the Nooksack league, after playing his last two season with Lynden, because Nooksack's organization had fallen apart.  Both Evan and his very best friend Jacob Roosma begged and pleaded with me to be their soccer coach, and so... I am!  In addition, Evan tried out and made the boys 10U competitive baseball team this year!!!  He is doing so great, and is having a lot of fun so far.  This means we have baseball practices three days a week right now, until the season starts.  In addition, we have two soccer practices a week, and we have soccer games on Saturdays as well.  We just heard from Sierra's t-ball coach, and we will be adding t-ball practices to the mix starting this next week!!!   Nope, we are not busy at all.... we have plenty of time to do lots of other things as well...sure.  Taking care of 11 acres of mini-farm... no problem, we can handle it........ yah, whatever!!!

So, if you can't seem to find us or reach us, just know that we haven't run away or left town, state or country.... we simply are out shuttling our kiddos around to practices, games and/or tournaments!!!  :-)  And YES, we are loving every minute of it!!!  :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

And So It Begins......

I just posted that March is already here, and now here we are, practically half way through the month already!!!  Unbelievable to me..... I am NOT liking this at all.  I can't seem to keep up with the days, or with life right now.

So much happening starting this month, and this next week.  Evan made the cut for the boys 10U competitive baseball team, which is awesome.... and practices will be starting this next week some time.  Evan has also decided to play soccer this Spring.  He and Jacob really wanted me to be their coach again, so I signed on to be their coach.  Just got word that the U10 and U11 boys are being combined into one team, and that Evan will be playing up with the U11's, with me as head coach!  Crazy!!!  I have nothing really to offer as far as soccer skills and knowledge go for this sport.... heck, I was just a player myself as a kid, many years ago!  To make matters worse, I only just received my team roster last night!!!  We don't have any practices scheduled yet, and I have no equipment as of yet either!  And of course, our first game is in just two weeks from yesterday!!!  :-(

I really thought that the Nooksack organization might get their act together better this year, after new people got involved..... but so far, it appears I may be wrong!!!  :-(  It isn't fair for these kids to get one or maybe two practices in before playing their first game, especially when some of them haven't even met one another before.  And there is more..... I have just enough players for the field, no subs on the sidelines!!! That is gonna make it tough for my kids... really tough.  They play the bigger field this year, and have no chance to take a break, unless they can learn excellent passing and ball control skills really fast!!!  ;-)

Tracie, Jenn and Tiffani had their huge garage sale event for raising funds for their Africa mission trip yesterday, and did very well, making more than $2000 for the day!!!  :-)  They had their first mandatory mission trip meeting at CTK last night as well... haven't heard anything from Tracie, as we were all in bed asleep when she got home.

Our Suburban had its transmission fail a week ago on us.  Had to have a new tranny put in this last week, which cost us $2590..... money we didn't have.  I had to spend my paycheck to get our vehicle back, so we don't have any money to pay bills, buy groceries, or cover our mortgage this month with.  Not too sure how this is going to work out.  I seem to be the only one who cares, or who who is scared to death about how bad off we are.  I will continue to trust in God, and pray for guidance, support and answers.....however, it is my belief that God doesn't just hand things to us without us putting forth great effort on our part as well..... something I don't believe has happened as of yet.  I am trying as best I can right now... I have sold off a bunch of stuff, including things I had no intention of selling....things I did not want to sell.  I am getting ready to do it all again as well this week, this time selling off our beef cattle.... something I do not want to do either.  In addition, I have been calling in for every overtime shift that I am available for, with exception of one day.  I even called in today, which would mean missing church, and missing my final hockey game of the season.... but the BC had scheduled wrong, and the overtime got cancelled.

Uncle Bob and Brenda were supposed to come here yesterday to visit and get the rest of their beef from us to take back home.  They never made it.  They called to say that they had their vehicle broken into while loading to leave Tacoma....lots of stuff stolen, including wallet and check book and cash, etc.  They ended up dealing with that mess and then drove back home to Idaho.  We will make other arrangements to get them their beef.  :-(

Just over a week and I have my 43rd birthday.  Nothing big deal to me, but it does mean I have just ten years left until I can retire!!!  :-)  It also means that Grammy and Papa will be coming up to visit us again.  They want to come to be here for my birthday, and then stay to be here for Sierra's jazz dance recital on the 25th and 26th.  From the sound of it, Papa may head back down to Portland after that, leaving Grammy here for another week to stay and visit and spend time with the kiddos.  Don't know the plan in detail yet for sure.

Spring is coming, it just has to be.... this morning starts daylight savings, and I have already moved the clocks ahead an hour.  It will be light outside a full hour later today, which very well may do my mind and soul some good.  I am in desperate need of nice weather around here.  I miss riding my bike regularly, something that is so very good for my heart, mind, and soul.  With the weight of our financial issues upon my shoulders, I am needing an escape each day, even if just for an hour or two... and the bike works so well for me!!!

So, as if I didn't have enough to think about or worry about already...... I have now added  soccer coach to my list, and have a short time to try and prepare to work with these kids to help them get ready for a game in just two weeks..... not sure how this is going to work out, so I will start praying today!!  :-)

Funny thing I sit here and think about my issues, my troubles, my problems..... I can't help but think about how meaningless they all seem when compared to what is happening in Japan right now, after suffering an 8.9 earthquake, so many aftershocks, and a tidal wave of destruction and death that has the country reeling in pain right now.  :-(  And then I think about how Tracie, Jenn and Tiffani are going to Africa, and what they will be seeing over there..... makes my issues seem so small.  And yet here I am feeling like my world is caving in on me..... crazy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is here!!!

It is March 1st today..... hard to believe, at least for me.  I only managed to get one bike ride in the month of February....the weather has been so cold, windy, wet, snowy, icy and just plain crappy!!!!!  :-(

Today is the 15th birthday of my beautiful young niece, Makenah.  I am so happy for her, and proud of her.  She is becoming a beautiful young woman, and a talented athlete in fast pitch softball.  :-)

Today also marks my very first day back to Homestead Fitness Center, after three long months away at the YMCA in Lynden.  I have missed Homestead, and have struggled tremendously with getting good workouts at the Y, and it feels so very good to be back "home" once again.  I went and worked out this morning on my own, and  had great run, painful Stairmaster clobbering, and a very nice hot tub soak to finish it off with.  I left feeling so good, so alive, so much better, and looking forward to my next workout!!!!!  :-)  YAY!!!

I go to work again tomorrow, and then on Thursday and Friday, the kids have NO school.....mid winter break, and four day weekend.  I gotta get busy making some plans for things to do with them on my days off..... hoping to have some family fun together!!!  :-)

In just three weeks from now I will celebrate my 43rd birthday.  Along with getting my fire department annual physical ( I am actually excited to see how I have done since last year), I am also planning to have another body composition done.  My goal is to get my body fat percentage down at around 10%, while still maintaining my lean body muscle mass.  So, three weeks to work hard, train hard, eat right, and see what I can do.  It would certainly be nice if the weather would cooperate better, so I can get out and back on the bike once again!!!!!

OK, time to go enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee..... thanks to all who lurk here, and who actually take the time read my musings!!!  ;-)