Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall is here!!!

Fall happens to be my very favorite time of year. And for some unkonwn reason, this year it just snuck right up on me, and I amin disbelief that summer is over, and that fall is arriving this month. Life has been quite crazy, and I am eminded of how fast it goes right on by. So, I am making it a point to start slowing down just a bit, and to start paying more attention to each and every day that is set forth beofre me by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the wonderful blessings He constantly bestows upon me, and it is high time that I start taking the time to appreciate each and every day just a bit more.

I am shocked that I actually have allowed so much time to slip on by without keeping current on m blog, or posting updates and photos of all we have been doing. Though I could use the excuse that our primary home computer is Kaput, I won't do that. Fact is, it is my fault. With my favorite time of year here finally, and wih weather that will allow for more days indoors, I intend to get all caught back up and on track once again... although it won't actually happen until October.

Football season is here!!! Evan is now playing in his very first season of tackle football. The first game didn'tgo so well, but since our team is made up of all first year players, and we played a very big and solid and well versed team from Ferndale, we may have lost the game, but we certainly learne a lot about tackle football. I am confident that next weekends game will go much better for us! As for hight school football, we attended last Friday's home opener at NVHS, and what a great blowout game we saw... 63-0. A lot of fun, and looking forward to this evenings game at home agains Lynden Christian!!!

Family iscoming from out of town this next week and weekend to celebrate our beautiful little girl's, Sierra, birthday. 7 years old already!!! Again, the tim sure goes by faster with each year! So, we will have both sets of granparents staying here, which means we need to get bsy this weekend and next week getting thins a bit cleaned up and organized around here for their arrival. :-)

Uncle Brad is leaving to go to work in Newfandland for a coule of weeks, leavingus on Monday morning. It should be an exciting opportunity for him.

Uncle Brad and myself are both riding in the Chuckanut Century bicycle Ride Event this Sunday. We won't be riding together, unfortunately, as Brad will be riding the 50 mile course that heads north, and I willbe riding the 66 mile course that heads south. This will be a big challenge for Brad, as he has only recentl started bicycling!!!

Fencing has started here at Little Bearfoot Farm. I have a lot to do to get t all done, but progress is being made steadily every week. Things are looking good!!!

OK, so that's a quick update.... and I will get back with more updating and pictures real soon.

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