Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Updates.....

Getting ready to leave town this Saturday, heading to the east side of the state (Republic, WA) for deer hunting.  This is Evan's very first time as a deer hunter, after successfully passing his hunter safety course last month.  He is just a bit excited about getting the opportunity to shoot a nice buck deer, but not nearly as excited as I will be should the opportunity actually present itself!!!  :-)

So, since we will be gone, I figured a quick update on this month is in order.  First, Evan's football season.... WOW, they are really doing great this year!  This last Saturday, they won their game by a score of 20-6, with Evan scoring two of his teams touchdowns!  His team is now undefeated, 5-0 for the season!  The toughest game, and hopefully most exciting game they will play, should come this Saturday morning at 9:15am.  Evan's team plays against the only other undefeated team in the league, and they get to play in Bellingham, at Civic Stadium!!!  :-)  Because of this, we have decided to miss our opportunity at opening day of deer season.....yes, we will be staying here so Evan can play in this all important and exciting game, on the big boy turf!!!  We will depart for hunting camp after the game is over.....and hopefully with another win, but even more, hopefully with Evan having played a fantastic game!!!  GO EVAN!!!  GO NOOKSACK!!!    :-)

As I said, immediately after the game, we will start driving over to Republic, WA... to deer camp.  Grammy & Papa are already there, with camp all set up for us, just waiting our arrival.  We hope to make it over there by dinner time on Saturday, so we can have a good dinner, get all ready to go, get a good night of sleep, and be ready for a full day of hunting on Sunday!!!  :-)

We will have five full days of hunting over there....and I am hoping that we do NOT need them would be so nice to get our deer, then be able to sit back and just enjoy camping for a few days!!!  :-)

This past weekend, while Evan was having a great football game, Brad and I were in Oregon, riding in the Harvest Century ride, with good friends Scott Taube and Doug Peterson.  What a fantastic ride, and most wonderful day we had this year!!!  The weather was great Fall and cloudy early, becoming sunny and warm enough throughout the day.... NO RAIN!!!  Awesome!!!  Great 107 mile ride, with excellent group of guys..... we had so much fun this year.  And Brad did just awesome!!!  He has come a long way..... a very long way!!!  Makes me so happy, and so very proud  :-)

So, I am off to work today, then home tomorrow to get all of the hunting stuff put together and packed....should be crazy.  I spent the past two days making spaghetti sauce and home made meatballs for  deer camp, as well as a brand new recipe of chili.... which is for deer camp, but is so stinking good, I am planning to use it for the chili cook-off as well  :-)

This is a crazy, fast and fun month of October this year....... what a blur it will be in just a couple of weeks from now.  So glad I am blogging about it, so we can come back and remember just how good it all was!!!

See ya in couple of weeks, if the good Lord is willing it  :-)

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