Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Season 2013.... in our new home!!!

It's true..... we are no longer Little Bearfoot Farm!  We have officially moved off of the farm, and into the city (City of Sumas, WA).  We are completely done with our Trapline Rd property as of November 26th.

Life is so very good so far in our new home.  We still have so very much to do here, as far as unpacking and trying to find a place for everything.  Lots of things to put up, put away, and probably even get rid of still.  But, our new home is so very comfortable for us.  It is a great fit, and we have made it ours, with taking the time to add color through painting before we moved in.  We celebrated Thanksgiving here this year, and it was wonderful.... in fact, it was our very first home cooked meal since moving in!  :-)

With November coming to a close, and Thanksgiving now behind us, we will start getting busy again around here.  Time to get Christmas lights and put them up, to find our Christmas decorations and get them up, and to continue unpacking the multitude of boxes that are all over the inside of our home.

We have managed to get the computer hooked up, and the satellite and TV working...... which were big accomplishments!!!  Now, to keep the progress going!!!

No time for blogging right now.... busy, busy, busy!!!  :-)

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