Saturday, May 29, 2010

OK, I'm now a blogger...who knew?!?!?!?!

Yes, indeed it is true.... I am now officially a blogger myself. No longer simply a blog follower, or only blogging to my site, but now out here for the world to see!

As with everything new to me... it will take me a bit of time to get my blog up and running smoothly and regularly. I will spend time here and there to learn the ins and outs of this blog, and find ways to make good changes and to personalize it. And as I do, I will continue to regularly blog in journal format as often as possible, keeping myself and whomever might be interested, up to date on the life and times of me and my life!

Thanks to you if you have come here and are reading this. Hopefully you will continue to come back and follow along. Hopefully I will have enough to blog about regularly to keep your attention. Hopefully this will be a record that I can one day look back on and enjoy as I share this with my two wonderful kids, Evan and Sierra.

As for right now, well, it is Memorial Day weekend. I am off from work for a full week, and of course, the weather is cool and wet and windy! However, we are going to make the very best of it.... and we will find fun family things to do, such as go bowling, or roller skating, or to the movies. So, it's time for me to get this weekend to do farm chores!

Have a great weekend... I'll be seeing you :-)


  1. Welcome Fireguy!!! I need to try to get to mine more often. But finding time has been the problem lately. :-)

  2. WooooHoooo!!!!! We are sucking everyone into the world of blogging!! Congrats on the new blog, I can't wait to read more!!