Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Portland, Oregon Bound...

On Thursday morning at 6am, we will be heading to Portland, OR.  Grammy & Papa have sold their home, and are downsizing into their "Golden" years.  We are heading down to get all of Brad's belongings that have been stored there in their shop since he moved out this way from IL.  As well, we will be bringing some of Grammy & Papa's stuff back here, that they will no longer need and that will work for us.  It will be a very busy weekend, but it will be good to see the old Pumpkin Ridge place one last time, to say our good-byes, and also to go and see their new home, where we hope to be visiting them a bunch in the future.

This all said, it makes for a short and very busy week for us.  Tracie is busy working as a sub at the kids' school, and I have been trying to get the Suburban all mechanically sound and ready for the trip.  We still have to get packed and loaded tomorrow, and also deal with Lynden Meat and customers for our beef and our pork.

All of this, and I have been dealing with a very painful infected toe on my right foot, which has kept me from doing a lot, and unable to put shoes on my feet until just today finally.  I do believe today is a breakthrough day as far as healing goes with the toe, and am hopeful that it will be feeling a lot better come tomorrow.

For now, time to go and work on dinner, then sit back with the family for a while, and then finish off the night with "The Biggest Loser", my favorite 'reality' TV show!!!  :-)

Lots to do, time is running short, but God is in control.... time for me to hand the reigns over and relax a bit more!  :-)

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