Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter come early!

Unbelievable!!!  Everything was going so well..... a beautiful Fall season was gong along just fine, with lots of opportunity to get out on the bike, be outdoors doing things, enjoying the splendors that God has given us... and THEN......

A sudden Arctic Blast comes upon us all at once, seemingly out of nowhere, and rocks our world into frigid coldness!!!  It all started on Friday, and hasn't let up yet at all.  In fact, it has gotten worse... though no snow since Friday, the temps have dropped, and the winds have continued, making it absolutely bitter cold here.... difficult to even keep the house warm right now!!! 

Outside this morning it is currently 23 degrees, but with the winds blowing as they are, the wind chill has the actual temperature down to -1 degree as of right now!!!  We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!!!  This is NOT how it is supposed to be!!! 

I have been planning for some time to work with Evan this week to put up our Christmas lights... but there is NO WAY we are going to be out there doing it in this weather!!!  It is bad enough that I have to suffer in it an hour each morning and again each evening, just to take care of chickens and goats and cattle!!!

So, everything here has been thrown off, and we are out of sorts right now.  So much to do this week to prepare for the arrival of family for Thanksgiving, and all we can do is try to stay warm!!!

Don't get me wrong... I love snow, and lots of it!  However, I love it in the Winter time.... NOT the Fall.  I am supposed to be out riding my bike and logging more miles this tie of year.   For crying out loud, I don't even have my supply of wood pellet fuel purchased yet!!!

Have I mentioned lately just how much I wish we didn't live here anymore!!!  :-(


  1. Maybe we can find some time on Friday and Saturday to get some lights put up. Should warm up a bit by then. Just depends on what the plans are for those days.

  2. Remember, if you didn't live there, you'd be stuck with grocery store bleached eggs and genetically modified steaks, Evan would be riding his dirtbike down a sidewalk with little old ladies screaming at him to slow down, and you would be so bored! :) I know, not a lot of reassurance there, but it was worth a shot... :)

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  4. Thank you, Tiff, for reminding me of just some of the things I am, and need to be thankful for! You are very right about those things, they are all true.

    Fact is, I do love where we live, the area especially, and the school district. It is simply the place, and the property itself that have me down.... falling apart all around us, constantly demanding more time and money than I have to give..... these things tend to get me down and frustrated, especially because these things didn't occur at our old home.

    As I am reminded of fairly frequently, it was ME who wanted to move here 5 years ago, and ME who wanted the land and the farm and the animals.... so I have nothing to be complaining about... I asked for this, and I got this! And so, now it is time for ME to deal with it all, some way, some how.

    Hey, just knowing someone other than Brad or myself actually looks at my blog is reassurance enough!!! Thanks for the comment :-)