Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Summer So Far.......

We have been on the go since the kids got out of school.....and I am not complaining!  It has been fun thus far, and the fun is continuing for us as we prepare to head off again this weekend!!!  :-)

We just returned from Moses Lake, WA.....where we spent a week for Evan's 10U state baseball championship series.  What a bunch of fun we had over there!!!  Great times, great baseball, and great fun!!!  No, we didn't win the championship....but, our boys did great, and played really well.  Evan played absolutely fantastic baseball, made some really great plays, and hit a stellar in the park home run!!!  :-)

Bad news.... our Suburban lost the new transmission that we had put in not very long ago!!!  :-(  Worse yet, it will take a week before it can be repaired, and we leave tomorrow for our next big trip, which we needed the rig for!!!  Long story short there, we have a friends truck to use for our trip  :-)

Tomorrow we head to Seattle, for the 2011 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  Very excited to ride with Scott and Stu once again.  Should be a fun weekend of cycling, story telling, eating good food, and drinking good beer...... Hopefully I will have some photos and stories to share later!

After we finish up in Portland on Sunday, we will head over to the Metolius River on Monday for a week of camping.  It has been a while since we last were there, so we are all quite excited about it.  And, we get to spend some time with great grandpa on the Metolius, which is always a very special thing.

For now, time to get ready to head to Dan and Holly's this evening for a bbq slider burger cook-off!!!  :-)

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  1. Kind of sad to say, but I wish I didn't have a job right now just so that I could do the STP and go to Metolious with you guys.

    I really, really wish I could go to Metolious. I love that place. And I would love to get 1 more trip over there with Great Grandpa. :-)