Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tracie is home from Africa!!!!!

YAY!!!  We made it!!!  Two and a half weeks without my wife, my best friend, our mommy.....

But she is finally home once again!!!  :-)

Tracie got in to SeaTac yesterday with the whole group at around 3:30pm.  At around 4pm, we finally got to see the group and welcome her back..... many hugs and kisses and smiles!!!  It was so great!!!

We drove home in traffic, and it just didn't matter.... Tracie just talked and told us all about her trip, her journey, her experience.... it was wonderful and gut wrenching and awesome.

We stopped off for some dinner on the way home, and finally got back to the "farm" at just after 8pm.  Tracie had gifts that she had purchased for each of us, so we went through her things for a while.  But after that, she headed directly to the shower!!!!  First real shower in 2.5 weeks!!!  She took a long and hot shower, and came out feeling completely new again.....except for sleep!!!  Tracie didn't get much sleep at all for the entire duration of her trip, for many reasons.  So, after her shower, I tucked her into our freshly cleaned and made bed, where she drifted off into a deep and wonderful slumber.....and where I expect her to remain most of, if not all of today!!!  :-)

Today, when she finally awakes and feels ready, we hope to have her share her photos and videos with us all, as well as more stories, etc.

I missed my wife greatly while she was away!!!  She is my wife, my best friend, and the mommy to our kids.  It was tough not having her here with me.  I was so very happy for her, and so excited for her to take this trip.  This was beyond anything she could have ever seen herself doing....and she DID it!!!  What is really cool is that she did it with two very amazing and wonderful girl friends at her side!!!  :-)

This was a big leap for Tracie, and one that I am certain has changed her forever!!!  The cool thing is, she can't wait to do it again some day!!!  And, she wants to do ti together next time!!!  :-)


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