Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School, 2012

Yesterday marked the first day back to school for Evan and Sierra, starting even earlier this year than we have in any years past I can remember!  Apparently, summer and Labor Day weekend just don't mean much to the Nooksack School District.  But alas, our summer is at an end, and fall is right around the corner...... and school is once again back in session!

Our recently turned eleven year old, Evan, has hit a new milestone this year, as he is now a middle school student!!!  His first day went well, and I think he is really going to like it there.  He loves the bus ride, as it is a full 45 minutes shorter this year!!!!!  :-)  He is most excited so far about band and PE.  He has chosen to learn the trumpet for band class, although he most really wants to eventually become a drummer!  And PE this year is a full three days a week, for nearly 2 full hours each session!!!  He is very excited for this, and today will be his first day of PE.

Sierra is now in third grade, and it was like a social homecoming upon her arrival back to Sumas Elementary yesterday!  She was with her "peeps" once again, finally, at last!!!  She loves school, and is very excited about this year ahead.  :-)

This is our first year having our kids at two different schools, with two different times.  We have a learning curve ahead to figure everything out, but already, I believe it is going to be a very good thing!!!  :-)

Also, while on the topic of school..... Tracie will be attending Sumas Elementary this year as well, as she has been given the job as assistant cook, working the lunch time hours in the cafeteria!!!  It is only a couple of hours each day, but it is regular and consistent, and has her now as a regular employee of the school district....not just a sub anymore!!!  this is awesome, as she already knows the job very well from helping out the past couple of years.  It is also great, because she can still pick up other sub jobs as they come along, and she will still have time at home to work on her medical transcription studies!!!  :-)  We are very pleased that this worked out so well for her..... she will have a great year at school now as well.

Football season is in full swing...... final week and a half of practices and conditioning to get ready for our season opener on Saturday, September 8th, in Ferndale.  Evan is very excited to start playing, and he has been practicing very hard, working at 100% and more for each practice he is able to attend.  He missed last week, as we were in Oregon, and he will miss today, as he and I are heading down to Seattle to watch the Seahawks take on the Raiders in the 4th week of pre-season football!!!!!

So, here we are, looking at September to arrive in less than a week now.  Summer has been fast, and fun for the most part... and we finally got our summer weather in August.  As of this week, the days are most certainly beginning to feel and look a lot more like Fall.  And of course, I love riding on Fall days...... great weather, great temps, great scenery, great smells..... love it.  :-)

So, here we go....... leaving Summer behind, and heading full swing on into the Fall.  I sure hope it turns out to be as great as I want it to be!!!  :-)


  1. Those great kids are growing up so fast. I love following their lives through your blogs and posts.

  2. Cool update, thanks for keeping us posted!