Saturday, September 8, 2012

FALL.... Football and Bicycling, Oh My!!!

School is back in full swing now for our kids, with this next week going to be their first full five days stretch.  Our school system here starts school before Labor Day weekend, so our kids have a three day week, followed by a four day week, and then finally a full five day week.....I suppose to break them in slowly. 

Along with school starting comes the arrival of the football season!!!  We attended the Nooksack Valley High school home opener last Friday, and had a blast....along with a great win!!!  :-)

Today, Evan's team plays their season opener, against a very tough Ferndale team, in Ferndale.  It is a beautiful Fall day today, and the weather will be quite warm at game time, 1:45pm.  Evan is very excited to get out and get playing, rather than just all practice.  He wants to put all of the may weeks of hard work into action on the field today, and that makes me happy and proud!!!  I am also looking forward to the big game this afternoon.  I have watched for weeks now, as this team has practiced and learned and conditioned..... and it will be great to see how we work together as a team, come game time.  :-)

Today also marks the big day for the OSU Beavers to kick off their season..... GO BEAVS!!!!!  :-)

Last month was a great month of cycling for me, and I posted a really good number of rides, as well as miles.  September is shaping up so far to be another big month of cycling for me.  I have been riding longer rides, and am getting geared up for back to back weekend century rides, starting next weekend with the Chuckanut Century, and then the following weekend in Oregon for the Harvest Century.  Brad and myself are heading out tomorrow for an 85 mile training and preparation ride for these upcoming weekends, to see how we are doing with our fitness levels and cycling legs and seat bones!!!  Should be a great day, as we head south to Skagit county, along Clear Lake, then back up along Colony Mountain and Lake Sammish, on into Fairhaven.  We will meet up with Tracie and the kids at BFD station 2, and then head on over to Mambo Italiano for a wonderful dinner together to finish off the day.  :-)

Scott Taube will be joining Brad and myself this next weekend here for the Chuckanut Century.  I was really hoping to have him here for a couple two or three days, so we could show him our place, and where we live, maybe take him to our church with us, and out to one or two of our favorite places...... but, he won't be able to make it up here until late Saturday night as it turns out.  We will be up early to ride all day on Sunday, and will get home fairly late that evening I am sure.... dead dog tired and sore as well.  Then, Scott will head back to Oregon on Monday.  Bummer for us, and yet, we are so happy to at least have him finally able to make it up this way!!!  :-)

Brad and I will be off to Oregon the next weekend, just the two of us, to joins Scott Taube for the Harvest Century.  This ride has been moved up a couple of weeks from years past, and we are very hopeful that we will get much better weather this year!!!  :-)

The rest of our month looks something like this..... school, football practice, football games, work, bicycling, church, yard work!!!

However, there is ONE other big event that we will have this month...........  Sierra's 9th birthday!!!!!  :-)

Grammy & Papa will come to visit for s few days, and then Grandma & Grandpa will come the next week to visit...... and we will celebrate Sierra's birthday twice this year!!!  :-)

That's about it for now...... more to follow as I get it all straightened out, in my head, and on my calendar!!!  :-)

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