Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fully into Fall

Nearly the end of October now, and it definitely appears that we are full into Fall now.  The weather has changed back to the dreary, wet, colder types of days that have us turning on the heat, starting fires, and drinking coffee all throughout the day.

The fifth annual LBF chili cook-off was another success.  This year, we had our first female winner..... Stephana Timmer took home the first place award for this year.  In addition, Tiff Stauffer came her very closest ever to a win, coming in a very close second place, with her gluten free chili.  And as well, another female winner..... Erin Swedberg took home the coveted "Boobie Prize" this year.  :-)

Football season is coming to an end for us this weekend.  Evan plays his final game today, in Lynden.  We are hoping so much for a great win, and even more than that, hoping that Evan plays the best game of the season today.  He loves football so much, and we just love watching him play.  He has an amazing gift of athleticism, and he just does things on the football field that other kids can't do.

With football behind us, we will enter a new season this year.  Although Evan doesn't like to play basketball, Sierra has decided that she does indeed want to go out for basketball this year.  So, this morning, I will be taking her to get her signed up for the season, and dropping her off for her first day of practice.  This should be quite fun, as she has never participated in any other sports, with exception of one season of t-ball.  We look forward to seeing our little girl on the court.

For Evan, with sports done for the year, we will be starting to have him take weekly drum lessons.  Evan is very excited about band, and music..... and especially about becoming a drummer.

Grammy and Papa have been here for a couple of weeks now, and have decided to add one more week here with us.  They came to spend time with the kiddos, and to see Evan play in his last two football games of the season.  They also wanted to be here for their first time at our chili cook-off.  And now, they have decided to stay for watching the kids enjoy Halloween this next week.  The kids are enjoying it greatly, as they are being spoiled like crazy!!!  :-)

I started my second job, working for Westside Pizza in Everson, just this last week.  My first day was a full 9 hours, and then I worked just a short couple of hours yesterday again.  I will be back on Monday for another full day, and then should be into a fairly regular work pattern there throughout the month of November.  I anticipate putting in 20+ hours a week there, in hopes of making enough money to help us start try and climb out from under the huge mountain of debt we are in.  At minimum wage plus tips, there is no doubt that I am going to have to work as many hours as possible, and it is going to take a very long time to make any real progress...... but, it is a job, and part time jobs that work around my regular shift work schedule as a firefighter, they are hard to find and come by.

I am feeling sad today, as I realize that I haven't been on my bike now in a full 10 days!!!  Absolutely crazy, and I feel it.  I have slipped out of  my routine this past three weeks, and really need to get back at it again, right away.  I am planning to go back at it hard once again on Monday...... no looking back, no regrets..... just simply back on track, with hard work and determination once again.  Although I have no intentions of being in a calendar or anything of the sort....... I would like to be able to look at myself in the mirror, and to be able to see a mid 40's year old guy who could be in a calendar!!!  Time to get busy.

That's about it for now.... I am sure I am leaving out something, or more..... but I will post about all of that next time  :-)

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