Friday, October 5, 2012

The Monster Is Gone!!!.................

.....At least for now, that is. 

Yesterday morning, we were able to finally have just a bit of closure on the torment and pain and anger that has been a huge part of our entire year.... We were able to be in Superior Court, to watch The Monster (aka Greg Bass) be formally sentenced to prison, and then taken away to jail.

It was an emotional morning for us, filled with a whole host of feelings.  We were so glad to finally have this day which we all believed should have taken place a good six months ago now!!!  As much as we didn't want to see this sick freak ever again, it was actually good that he was able to see all of us, and all of the friends and family and supporters that we had there on behalf of all of the victims that have been at the hands of this evil. 

As he sat on the front bench of the court room, with only his mother at his side, we had practically the entire other side of the court room filled with the victims family members, friends and other supporters.....and that was awesome.  Not only did the Monster have to see and take notice, but so did his mother, and the Judge.  I believe that it made a powerful statement!!!

In addition, I went before the Judge, along with two others, and spoke on behalf of my son, Evan, as well as on behalf of all of the other victims..... past, current, and sadly.... those that will be in the future.  I have no doubt that there will be more.  The maximum sentence allowed is only 5 years in prison, and so, this Monster will be back at it again in just a matter of 6-8 years!!! 

But for now, the maximum sentence was given.  We watched and got a photo as the Monster was cuffed and taken from the court room, to be placed in jail until next Tuesday, when he will be hauled down to the prison in Shelton, WA.

Yesterday brought us some closure, and a bit of comfort.  At least for the next 4-5 years.  But I can promise this....when he does get released, and returns to our community once again, I plan to do everything in my legal right and power to make it very well known... who he is, what he has done, and where he is at... for as long as I am able to do so!!!!!

Thank you to our most wonderful and close friends, and my brother..... for taking the time to attend the sentencing with us.  It means more to us than you all can possibly imagine!!!  I only wish now that we had filled the entire court room, with standing room only!!!

Today, we start moving forward for the next 4-5 years, without having to worry about the Monster any longer.  That feels really good.  :-)

Perhaps, on this magnificent and glorious Fall day, I shall go out and spend a few hours on the bike!!!  The kids are in school, and Tracie is in Portland for the Women of Faith, it's just  me and the bike and the awesome day outside!!!  :-)


  1. I just now got to read this Ski. I am glad it brought some closure and comfort to you and the rest of his victims. Love Ya, Dad/Papa