Friday, November 30, 2012

Here We Go...... December!!!

Tomorrow brings us to the final month of 2012, and the beginning of the Christmas season once again around here.  It seems crazy to think that in the blink of just four weeks, we will be starting a brand new year once again!  I have no doubt at all that December is going to come and go faster than any other month this entire year for us...... as I have the calendar of events right here in front of me.

Tomorrow, the first day of December, and also a Saturday..... starts us off busy!  Evan has his very first basketball game of the season, in Ferndale at 11am.  After his game, Evan will be going to a birthday party and sleepover for his friend, Halston.  They will head to the movie theater at 3pm, then back to Halston's place for the night.  This will be our first year without having Evan with us as we head off to the annual Lynden lighted Christmas parade tomorrow evening..... bittersweet for sure!  We love that or boy is growing up, and has fun things to go do with good friends, and yet, a little piece of our hearts break at losing a little piece of tradition that we have had since he was a tiny little guy!!!

On Sunday, we will attend our regular church service.  We will also be making arrangements to get Evan back home with us again, so we can head back to CTK Bellingham in the evening, for the CTK Christmas CD release concert, at 7pm.  A great way to kick off our December, and get into the Christmas season spirit....... a Christmas parade, followed by a Christmas concert!!!

Our first week in December will find me working three full days at Westside Pizza, and two full 24 hour shifts at the BFD.....and so, I will not be around at all until the next Saturday once again.  :-(

While I am gone all week, Tracie will be tasked with basketball practices for both kids, Evan's first Pep Band gig at a basketball game, early release and late arrival one day for school, volunteering in Sierra's class at school (in addition to her normal work schedule at the school), getting Evan to his drum lesson on Thursday, and then heading out for her girls night out on Thursday night, whenever I finally get home from Westside Pizza.

On Saturday the 8th, Evan has another basketball game, smack in the middle of the afternoon, at 2:30pm.  We have a party to attend that day as well, which starts at noon.  That day also appears to really be the only good day for us to go as a family to get our Christmas tree, unless we want to wait another week, and only have the tree up for half of the month this year!

On Sunday the 9th, Uncle Brad and I take Evan and his good friend Adam down to Seattle, via the Amtrak train, to watch the Seattle Seahawks play against the Arizona Cardinals!!!  This should be a really great, fun and long day for us all.  :-)

On Monday the 10th, Evan has his very first band concert for school, at 7pm.  We are very excited to see how much he has learned, since he really seems to enjoy music, and band class, as well as  his private drum lessons!

I will only work two full days at Westside Pizza that week, along with only one 24 hour shift at the BFD..... so that I can attend the band concert on Monday, as well as Sierra's school Christmas Program on Thursday afternoon!!!  Evan will again have another Pep Band gig that week, for another basketball game.  I will have the first of my two visits to the medical clinic, to get my annual BFD physical taken care of.

Then, it will be Saturday the 15th, just that fast!  If all goes as planned, I am hoping to take the family down to take in the Warm Beach Lights of Christmas.  Of course, Evan has a basketball game at 3pm, and, depending on the previous Saturday, we may or may not be needing to go and get our Christmas tree!!!  Oy Vay......

The week of the 17th through the 21st, Evan has yet another Pep Band gig, another drum lesson, more basketball practice.  Sierra also has more basketball practice, and I go back to working three full days at Westside Pizza again, along with two full 24 hour shifts at the BFD again.  So, for me, it will be Sunday the 16th.....and then, Saturday the 22nd, just like that!!!

Grammy and Papa and aunt Janice will arrive at our place on Sunday, the 23rd.  They will be here to celebrate Christmas with us this year, the very first time in nearly 22 years that we have lived up here!!!  Amazing...... the kids are so happy and excited.  they have been waiting for Grammy and Papa to be with us on Christmas for years now!!!

I will not work at Westside Pizza from the 22nd on through the end of the month...... only the BFD on the 28th.  Time to be with my family for a while, and enjoy the season of Christmas.....even if for only a matter of days for me this year.

As soon as Grammy and Papa and aunt Janice leave us, Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Larry will arrive, to ring in the New Year with us this year.

And so, there it comes and goes...... the Month of December!!!  It will be a whirlwind, and my head is already spinning.  I am sad to know how much I am going to miss, but hopeful that someone will get photos and video of Evan at his Pep Band gigs for me to see.  I will at least be there for both kids' Christmas Programs, and to see their basketball games..... that makes me very happy.

WHEW...... there is the rundown..... if you don't see from me or hear from me this month... I apologize.  Nothing personal.  In fact, if you like, you can come to Westside for a pizza, or call in and ask for me to deliver to you!!!  :-)

Seasons greetings.... Happy Holidays.... and most importantly,  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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