Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Tiz May......

Yes..... that is correct..... not a single post for the month of April.  Why???  Here's why.....

The first nine days of April were absolutely, completely, wonderfully and amazingly awesome!!!   We weren't here..... we were in Maui, Hawaii.  Oh yes, and it was so very, very, very, very good!!!  So good, in fact, that I can't stop thinking about it, and can't wait for our next trip over there.  I can't believe that I allowed 45 years of my life to go by without ever going to Hawaii.... that was plain crazy!!!

The rest of April, however, pretty much sucked for me.... and for my family.  After returning from Hawaii, my immune system must have been knocked down a bit..... because when I returned to my first shift back at work just a couple of days later, BAM!!!   I ended up sick with a most nasty respiratory virus.  This was so bad that is knocked me down hard for the next two weeks!!!  The only blessing to come along with it was the weather...... the weather was terrible, so it made it easier to sit in my recliner day after day after day, completely miserable.  And then, as I was getting about half way through it..... BAM!!!  I gave it to Tracie and both kids!!!  Oy vay, that pretty much wrapped up the month of April for us!!!

But alas..... we are all healthy now, and April is gone.  May is here, and it has come with the most wonderful and beautiful weather this year!!!!  Sunshine and warm temps, with the rest of this week getting better and better!!  :-)

So, we are back into life once again here.  Spring is in the air, and we are busy with baseball and softball games.  In addition, everything has come to life all around our property..... and so, my days are filled with endless work once again.  Mowing and weed whacking, pulling weeds, spraying weeds, cleaning up debris from the winter months, and trying to get things under control and looking somewhat nice around here.  In fact, I need to try and get things spruced up even nicer than I normally would, as we (apparently just I) have made the decision to try and sell our house and property.

Yes, you read that correctly.  It was a good run.  It was a good try.  But, the reality is this..... we can't afford this place, and we can't manage this place.  Our lives have changed as the kids are growing.  We are getting busier and busier, giving us less time here, and less money to spend around here.  Quite simply.... I can't keep up with this place, and we haven't made any real forward progress in the 7 years we have lived here.  I am ready to admit defeat and move on.  And so, with spring and summer approaching, it is time to try and make this place presentable to the right buyer, and it is time to place a for sale sign out front.

So, if you know of someone who is looking for a 3000+ square foot home, with a 40x60 barn, a couple of smaller outbuildings, and 12 acres of land...... send them our way!!!  :-)

For now, off to get the kids ready for school.  Then to start working on cleaning up the place a bit..... as a realtor  is coming by this morning to take a look and help us come up with a fair market price.

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