Sunday, July 21, 2013

All In Just One Week!!!

Already it seems like so long ago that we were over in Ellensburg for the boys 12U state baseball tournament.  While we were gone, our little farm went on the market for sale.  And before we came home on the 15th, there had been just one showing of our house.  But then, we came home, and everything changed in a real hurry.................

Over the next few days, three more showings occurred.  While this was going on, we were busy trying to get cleaned up from our trip... unpacked, laundry done, settling back in to the routine of trying to find our next home, etc.  As well, we had started the process, while in Ellensburg, of looking for a newer Suburban to replace our 2005 model with.  Although we really enjoyed our "Burb", the fact is that it was getting to the point of needing a lot of work done to it, that was going to add up fast financially.  The list of problems and needed repairs was quickly growing, and we decided that a newer model would be the best solution.  And so, we began the search online, and started the wheeling and dealing process with many dealers.  So, the first couple of days back home, I spent a lot of time on the computer, trying to narrow down the search, and trying to make a deal on one of three Suburbans we had decided upon.

And that brings me to what has happened all in just one week!!!  In just this on week that we have been home (actually, just five days!), we have had our home shown a total of five times.  After just four showings, and after being on the market just one week, we have an offer on our place!!!  In addition, in that same short week, I made a deal on a 2010 Suburban, fully loaded, with low miles and a beautiful blue granite metallic color.  Tracie and road tripped it down to Portland on Thursday afternoon, traded in our rig for our new Suburban, and drove back through the night, getting home at 3:30am on Friday...... in time for me to get an hour and half of sleep before going to work!!!  And to finish of the week, we headed down to Alger yesterday afternoon, to celebrate the retirement of one of my coworkers.  It was a great party, lots of fun, and a great way to finish off a crazy and busy and productive week.

Today, we will head to church this morning, and then meet this afternoon with our agent to discuss the offer that has been made on our place. 

So much has gone down in the short time we have been back from Ellensburg, that my head is spinning as I try to take it all in.  And now, we have so much work ahead of us, as we work hard to find a place to move to, and try harder to start selling stuff off in an effort to majorly down size our lives after seven and a half years of farm living.

We have a week and a half to get ready for the biggest garage/shop/barn/yard/farm sales that we have ever held.  First weekend of August is going to be the big sale here...... between that and placing tons of Craigslist ads, we have our work cut out for us.

OK, here we go........

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