Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July....Summer Came Early!!!

Yes indeed, summer came early this year for us.  Compared to years past, our month of June was very nice to us for the most part.  We even managed to pull of a heat wave that felt and looked just like summer, before July 5th, our traditional start of summer around here!!!

June was fast...... I feel like I just finished typing my last blog piece, and yet now it is already July 3rd.  We have been so busy, with so much going on in our lives right now, and with Grammy & Papa & Aunt Janice all here visiting...... the days just keep clicking away.

We managed to get a little camping trip in up at Silver Lake the last week of June, while the rain was still here!  We still had fun, and it felt good to just get away from home for a short time.

Next up, tomorrow, Independence Day.... The Fourth of July!!!  We plan to head out to Blaine to spend the day and evening.  In years past, they have provided a great way to spend the day, and have put on a nice fireworks show at night.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a fun day for us all.

This week, we have found that our house will go on the market next week, on Tuesday the 9th.  So, we are busy this week getting ready for that to happen...... cleaning up, clearing out, packing stuff, organizing things, deciding on what to keep and what to let go.  Yesterday was a busy and productive day of it, and the house already looks so much better.  We are on our way to down sizing and simplifying our lives, with moving from the old farm and huge amounts of work involved with it, to a smaller and more manageable place that will allow us to live the more active lifestyle that seems to be coming our way as our kids are growing.

Next week, as our farm goes up for sale, we head out of town to Ellensburg, for the state 12U baseball tournament.  More importantly, we will be on vacation, on the east side of the mountains, in the heat!!!  A time to relax, a time to have fun, a time to watch baseball, a time to not worry about the things back home!!!

When we return, it will already be the middle of July!!!  And then, we will be busy again, getting ready for trying to find our next place to live, trying to sell off as much stuff as we can around here that we will no longer need or want, getting ready for some family vacation time in August, and also with looking for a replacement vehicle for our aging Suburban.

I can see now that my next blog could easily be a month out..... so, thanks for reading, and stay tuned!!!

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