Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

The last day of October... it is Halloween today!  We don't really put much effort or thought into this candy-crazed holiday in our household.  Never completely understood the holiday, or its origins and significance.  I love that is is fun for the kids to dress up and have fun, but other than that, we don't get too excited about it here.  No special decorations, parties, costumes, etc...... the kids decided what they want to be, and we typically head to an organized event put on by a local church, or we go to a neighborhood in Lynden and allow the kids to trick-or-treat around the block.

Honestly, at this time, I am not even sure what our Halloween plans are for today, other than to go to church, shop at Costco, and come home mid-afternoon.  The kids had both mentioned attending Noah Night, put on by Christ Fellowship Church in Nooksack.  This is a fun, warm, dry and safe event, where the kids have fun playing games, getting candy and other prizes, and get to spend time seeing their friends and classmates.  More than likely, this is where we will spend our Halloween evening this year.

With that, November is here!!!  I find it hard to believe how fast September and October slipped on by.  I have completed virtually nothing on my list of Fall projects!  Perhaps the weather will cooperate in November, and I can be a bit more productive at getting things bundled up for Winter.

I injured my right calf muscle recently, and then didn't let it fully heal before going out and running on it yesterday.  Bad deal, as it "popped" twice in the first half mile, and I am now in a lot of pain, and limping around with a more injured calf muscle... not good.  The only good thing about this is... I have learned that running is not for me.... bicycling is my sport of choice!!!

I really would love to get back into playing ice hockey once again.  It would be so good for my fitness routine, and I have missed it these past 5 years.  However, the cost is substantial, as is the added time away from family.  So, I may just have to sit back and enjoy watching Brad get back into the sport for  a while.

I was hoping to work on yard work today again, but it appears that the weather is not going to cooperate today, so I will just have to wait and see what shapes up.

Talk to you in November!!!

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