Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too Much.....

Yes, too much going on in our lives right now!  At least, that is my opinion, and how I feel anyway.  It seems that the list of things to do, and places to be just keeps growing, yet the check-offs are far and few between... Jeesh!!!

Two more weeks of football for Evan, Sierra has started dance classes once again, we have beef at the butcher currently, and have upcoming beef and pig slaughters the first and second weeks of November, we have at least one trip to make to Portland in November due to my parents selling their home and moving, multiple projects needing done around the farm before winter sets in, and of course... I still need/want to log many more miles on the bike yet this year!!!

Lately it seems that every day just slips right on by, and before I know it, another week is gone.... I swear that October just  started a few days ago, and already it is nearly over!!!

For quite some time I have been letting this all get to me, cause me worry and stress, and even cause me to be a bit unhappy in life.  But alas, through much prayer, some incredible messages at church, and in reading my current read, "Wild at Heart", by John Eldridge.... I am doing much better!  I realize that there is a time and season for everything, and that some things are just much more important than others.....

My God, my wife, my children, my health (physical, mental and spiritual), and my family and close friends.... these are the things that I must make my priorities each and every day.  Everything else can be fit in when there is time, and with God's help.  :-)

John Eldridge helped remind me of something so very important yesterday, and I am choosing to remind myself of it each and every day through the remainder of this month.... "Life isn't a problem to be solved, it's an adventure to be lived"

So, I choose today to live life, love life, and to stay focused on those priorities in my life that come first.  :-)

Off to work again today, and although I love my job, I am already anxious about coming back home tomorrow to be with them again!

I hope that each and every person who visits my blog and reads what I have wrote today will take a moment to stop and give some thought to the priorities in your life, remembering that "life isn't a problem to be solved, it's an adventure to be lived!"

Blessings to each and every one of you!!!  :-)


  1. Thanks for this!! I have been so overwhelmed this week, and knowing my stress won't stop till mid January doesn't help. So I will choose to live the adventure, rather than just check things off a list for the next few months. :)
    Love you! Your chili, notsomuch. ;) Haahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!

  2. LOL.... yeah, me niether. In fact, I fed the rest of my chili to the pigs, and instead ate Brad's chili. :-)

    Believe you me, I understand the being overwhelmed and stressed about things.... and choosing to live the adventure and allowing God to be in control, is helping me greatly thus far!!!

    Have an awesome weekend! :-)

  3. LOL at Tiff's comment. ;-)

    I am really enjoying the read and the services at Church as well. It makes you realize. You are just a passenger. You are not the driver, even though you might think so and might want to be.

    "Joel - sometimes you just have to say - What the........."