Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heading South!!!

Yes, indeed...tomorrow morning we will leave bright and early to drive to Portland, OR for the weekend.  Heading south to ride in the Harvest Century...the last organized ride of the season.  On Saturday, Oct. 9th, Evan and his Papa and his Uncle Brad will all three head out to ride the 45 mile course.  Myself and my good friend, Scott Taube, will ride the 100 mile (century) ride on the same day.  The weather isn't expected to cooperate with us, brining rain showers throughout the day, but alas, we will ride and have fun anyway.  :-)

It will be a short weekend, trying to find the time to see both sides of our families, as well as with trying to do what we want to do.... relax!!!  We will take Sunday as a rest/recovery day after our big ride on Saturday.  And then on Monday morning, we will head back home again.

Thanks to our good friend, Greg Bass, who will be staying at our farm, taking care of all of the animals while we are away.  We sure are lucky to have someone like Greg!  :-)

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  1. Going to be a nice, but short, weekend. Looking forward to anything that is not work right now. Been a long few weeks.

    Thank you Greg. You are a good person and a great friend.