Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome to December!!!

Amazing..... it is December 3rd today, and the first weekend of December is here already!!!  What can I say?  I am not prepared, and not yet ready for the holidays to be here.  Nothing is ready, the list is long, the time is short, and I have been off of my bike now for way too long... still just 10 miles shy of reaching my 3,000 mile goal for the year.

We have lights to put up outside, a house that needs decorating inside, a Christmas tree to pick out and put up, and a myriad of other things on our list that need to get done this month as well.

Tomorrow is Evan's very first basketball game, 10am in Blaine.  It should be fun, as Evan hasn't had much basketball experience before!  After the game, I hope that Evan and I can have a few hours together outside putting up Christmas lights... and then we will all head to Lynden for the annual lighted parade at 6pm  :-)

I work again on Sunday, so tomorrow is mine and Evan's only time to really work together on lights, which is something I promised him way back when... and he is looking forward to it.  So, hopefully we can make some good progress tomorrow afternoon.

In just two weeks from today we will be heading to Portland to visit with family.... to see Grammy and Papa's new home, to celebrate my grandfather's 93rd birthday, and to celebrate Christmas with everyone both of our families, since no one will be coming up north this year to join us.  In addition, we will be hauling a whole mess of beef and pork with us to deliver to several customers in Oregon.

I pulled my groin this past Wednesday night wile playing ice hockey.... I am quite sore, and it is going to be a slow recovery I suspect.  I am hopeful that I will still be able to run and ride my bike, at least keep going with my fitness routine.  I have been out of sorts with my workouts for the past couple of months, and am really needing to get back at it hard once again.  I have about 10 more pounds that I would really like to shed before getting my body composition doen again in January of 2011.  :-)

So, time for me to sit and make a list, get organized, and get busy!!!  Wish me luck  :-)

I hope that you all are way less stressed than I am at this time, and that yo uall have significantly way less to get done than I do right now!!!  :-)

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. I am pulling for you and praying for you.

    No need to stress out about stuff you can't completely control. Some times there are more important things then what you think are the important things. :-)

    Make a list. Start checking it off. Bit by bit. Some things will stay on there for a while, others will get checked off right away.