Monday, December 13, 2010

A Really Good Weekend!!!

This weekend went by quickly, no doubt about that!  However, we had a busy and fun-filled weekend overall, and got quite a few things accomplished.  I feel really good about that.  Friday afternoon and evening we got our tree and decorated it, and enjoyed an evening of pizza and a family movie.  On Saturday morning, Uncle Brad and myself left early to Bellingham, where we joined around 3,000 other people to run the annual Jingle Bell Run for the Arthritis Foundation.  This was a very fun run, 4 miles long, with many people all dressed up in costumes, and nearly everyone wearing jingle bells for the run!

We had a blast!!!  We both ran very well, and had no trouble with the course at all.  In fact, Brad did even better than I was expecting him to do, and we stuck together for the entire run.  Finished the 4 miles right at about 35 minutes, which gives us something to beat next year, when we attempt to do it right at 30 minutes!!!  :-)

After the run, I had to go to work.  Back at home, Tracie took Evan to his basketball game in Nooksack.  Though his team didn't fair too well, and has a lot to work on for improvement, one thing that stood out as very exciting was Evan's only basket of the game.  It came right at the final buzzer!!!  The ball was shot, but bounced off the rim.... Evan collected the rebound, moved out a few feet, turned and launched the ball at the hoop with just a second on the clock.  As the ball went through the hoop, the final buzzer sounded, ending the game.  Needless to say, though they lost the game, Evan was very excited about how things ended!!!  :-)

After Evan's game, Sierra got to go to a Christmas Party up in Sumas for the afternoon.  She had a wonderful time, as only our social little butterfly can!!!  :-)

Yesterday was a very good day.  We headed to church in the morning, which was fantastic!  After church we hit Subway and ate fresh on our way home.  We then proceeded to sit and watch the UFC 124 fight that I had record from the day before, GSP vs Koscheck..... and this made for a very enjoyable afternoon, as we sat back and relaxed in the recliners as we watched battle after battle in the Octagon!!!  To make it better, GSP dominated over Koscheck, and kept the belt!!!  :-)

As soon as we were done with the fights, it was time to head back to town, where we had an early dinner at the Olive Garden...... quite yummy, and very filling, exactly what uncle Brad and I needed to prepare for our hockey game later in the evening. 

After dinner at the O.G., we headed over to CTK for the annual family Christmas program.  We enjoyed an evening of listening to the adult choir and kids choirs sing Christmas tunes, and listened to some great Christmas stories as well.  After the program we all enjoyed cookies and coffee and hot chocolate for a while.

Next, we headed to the ice rink, where uncle Brad and I played an important game for out team, as we needed a win to improve our standings, and as this is the last game before the holiday break, and the half way point through the season!  Mommy, Evan and Sierra all came to watch us and cheer us on.  And it was good!!!  We won our game against the 3rd place team in the division, and we won it hands down, 7-1.  Of those 7 goals for our team, I scored two of them.  :-)

This made for a late night, as we didnt' get home until after 11pm.  So, the next thing I know, it is now already Monday, the last week we are here at home before leaving for Portland on Friday morning.  YIKES!!!  Time to get busy getting ready.

Today, for the first time in quite some time now, the weather looks to be promising for a bike ride, which I really am longing for, and really do need.  I hope to get out today and log those final miles that will put me over the 3,000 mile mark for the year.  :-)

There you have it.... that is our weekend in review!!!

Oh, and as of this morning, we have two sick kids, both of which are staying home from school today, and both of which had to have their dentist appointments for today re-scheduled!!!  :-(  Ay yay yay yay yay yay....

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  1. It was a quick, busy weekend, indeed. But it was most enjoyable. Good times.

    Our next game after the break is against the 1st place team on Wed the 5th. GAME ON!!!

    It was very cool to have fans there watching the game. Thanks to Tracie, Evan, and Sierra for coming out.