Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is here!!!

It is March 1st today..... hard to believe, at least for me.  I only managed to get one bike ride in the month of February....the weather has been so cold, windy, wet, snowy, icy and just plain crappy!!!!!  :-(

Today is the 15th birthday of my beautiful young niece, Makenah.  I am so happy for her, and proud of her.  She is becoming a beautiful young woman, and a talented athlete in fast pitch softball.  :-)

Today also marks my very first day back to Homestead Fitness Center, after three long months away at the YMCA in Lynden.  I have missed Homestead, and have struggled tremendously with getting good workouts at the Y, and it feels so very good to be back "home" once again.  I went and worked out this morning on my own, and  had great run, painful Stairmaster clobbering, and a very nice hot tub soak to finish it off with.  I left feeling so good, so alive, so much better, and looking forward to my next workout!!!!!  :-)  YAY!!!

I go to work again tomorrow, and then on Thursday and Friday, the kids have NO school.....mid winter break, and four day weekend.  I gotta get busy making some plans for things to do with them on my days off..... hoping to have some family fun together!!!  :-)

In just three weeks from now I will celebrate my 43rd birthday.  Along with getting my fire department annual physical ( I am actually excited to see how I have done since last year), I am also planning to have another body composition done.  My goal is to get my body fat percentage down at around 10%, while still maintaining my lean body muscle mass.  So, three weeks to work hard, train hard, eat right, and see what I can do.  It would certainly be nice if the weather would cooperate better, so I can get out and back on the bike once again!!!!!

OK, time to go enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee..... thanks to all who lurk here, and who actually take the time read my musings!!!  ;-)


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  1. 43 years old. Holy Cow. That is old.

    It is great being back at homestead. Going to take me a few times though to get my routine back. Kind of weird. I like the treadmills down stairs, but am having a hard time watching myself in the window. :-)

    Good luck on your physical and body comp.

    I can't wait for the weather to change.