Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First long ride of the year logged!!!

WOW...again, it has been a while since my last blog post.  How does time get away so quickly?!?!?!?!  Don't answer that, I already know all of the answers!!!  :-)

So, much has been going on, as usual, in and around our lives and our home...... and we are plugging along, still hopeful that spring will eventually prevail.  For the time being, we are making do with the occasional day or two of nice weather, followed by grey skies and more showers.... stupid weather!!!  ;-)  I won't complain much, however, as we are truly blessed here in the PNW....we are NOT being dealt the horrible hurricanes and tornadoes  that the Midwest states are getting hit with so badly.... death and destruction of too great a magnitude!  Very sad  :-(

With working extra shifts lately to help fellow brother firefighters out of a bind, and then to also strike a 24 hour overtime the other day, which led to yet another 48 hour shift in just the past couple of weeks, I have been missing my rides, and my fitness routine!  I was in a workout slump for the past 3 or 4 days, and just really needing to get my groove back on.  And more than that, it is the middle of May already, and I haven't logged even one 50 or more mile ride for the year yet!  Crazy!!!  So, I took full advantage of my one day off from work yesterday, and I turned it into a cycling day for myself... no guilt, no worries about anything else... and it was GOOD!!!  :-)

I managed to log a full 70+ miles yesterday on the bike... certainly took it right on by the 50 mile mark!  I broke it up into two rides... the first, a 42 mile solo ride at my pace, and a good workout for sure.  the second was an additional 28 miles, but at a slower and easier pace, as I rode with Tracie!  Yes, Tracie got on the bike for the very first time this year, yesterday!!!  She logged a full 20 miles as well  :-)

We headed first into Lynden.  We rode to Jakes Western Grill, where we stopped and had a bowl of soup for lunch.  Then we head back out and worked our way home via a different route.  Now, because Tracie isn't as strong or fast a rider as myself... I would ride out ahead of her for a while, then turn around and come back to her.  I did this the whole way back home...which is how I managed to log a full 28 miles, compared to her 20.  It worked out well, and I do believe that we both had a very enjoyable time together!!!  :-)

On another note.... going back to my most recent post.... I am very close to my goal as of this morning!!!  I set a goal for myself to reach 190lbs, with a body fat of 10%.  I weighed in this morning at 193lbs!  :-)  I have given myself until August 11th of this year to obtain my goal, and I do believe that I will achieve it much sooner than that!  I am quite happy..... and more than that, quite healthy!!!  YAY.... it feels so good.  :-)

We watched the Biggest Loser finale last night... and I love seeing how the contestants have changed their bodies, and their lives.... amazing transformations!  And for the first time in watching the past 10 seasons, I could sit there and completely relate to the finalists last night... it was awesome!  I have done my very own Biggest Loser transformation in my own life.... and I am so crazy happy and proud of myself for what I have achieved.  I plan to stay this way for life...and I hope that my story can, and will, inspire others, even if in only some small way.  :-)

OK, well, Grammy & Papa will be arriving tomorrow afternoon to visit with us for a week.  We will all spend Memorial Day weekend together, though I have no idea just yet what we will be doing.... we were supposed to be watching Evan play baseball in a tournament all weekend, but it got cancelled due to not enough teams signed up!  :-(  Now  we gotta figure out how to entertain the kiddos all weekend long... thankfully Grammy & Papa will be here to help with that!!!  :-)

The way things have been going... this will probably be my final post for this, talk to you again come June!!!  :-)

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