Monday, May 9, 2011

May is Well Under Way!!!

BAM!!!  One minute it is April 19th, and I am writing about the start of baseball season, and hopefully the arrival of spring..... and the next, here it is now May 9th, the day after Tracie's birthday and Mother's Day!!!  And of course, baseball season is well under way now, in full swing......but spring hasn't really yet arrived!!!

Evan's team is off to a really good start so far this season.  They have played six games so far, and have won 4, lost 2.  Next game is scheduled for this evening.  Evan has played really well, and has already hit a great home run, a nice stand-up triple, a double, and has stolen home several times to score for his team!  :-)   The weather has been cold and rainy this year so far, and it hasn't felt much like baseball season yet.  We are hopeful that will change soon, and that perhaps we will have nice weather this year for our Sumas Memorial Weekend tournament!

In addition to baseball, Sierra is playing t-ball this year for the first time!  I have not yet made it to one of her games, due to work, soccer, baseball, etc.  I am told that she is doing very well, and that it is quite fun, and funny, to watch them play!   I have three more opportunities to see my girl play, and plan to be there for each of them!  :-)

Yesterday was Mother's Day, as well as Tracie's birthday.... 42 years now!  We took it easy, went to church, had lunch at Applebees, and then relaxed at home the rest of the day. 

Today we get back into the grind of our "routine", which is anything but routine these days.  We have a schedule written out for games and practices, etc, but with the weather, we are constantly re-adjusting and re-scheduling due to rain-outs!!!  :-(  Oh well, it appears that today should be decent weather, and Evan will have a game this evening in Sumas at 6pm.

I completely took the last several days off from fitness and exercise, as well as eating right.  I am feeling it this morning, and wouldn't dare step back on the scale today!  Time to get back on track again, starting with some bike riding today.  My good friend, Matt Smith, is coming over to look at an older bike of mine he may want to purchase from me, and we will go ride together for an hour or so late this afternoon.  I am hopeful that I may get a chance to ride sole for an hour prior to that as well.  :-)

So, for the next couple of weeks, more baseball and t-ball to keep us busy.  If the weather ever gets nice enough for long enough, I will have to start mowing and weed whacking around the property, but for right now it is way too wet.  Next big event for us will be Memorial Day Weekend baseball tournament in Sumas.  :-)

That's all I got for now........

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  1. Grammy and I are looking forward to that Memorial Day Weekend with you guys. Love Ya, Papa