Sunday, December 25, 2011


Today is Christmas..... and the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  So not only do I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, but even more than that I want to say..... Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!  :-)

As we all celebrate Christmas today in our own special ways, I pray that for each and every one of us, we will all keep in our minds and our hearts, the true meaning of this very special day. Beyond the presents and the food and the lights and the tree and the music, let us remember the greatest gift that every was given..... Jesus Christ, sent to us in the flesh, some 2000+ years ago, so that each and every one of us could have the opportunity, if we should choose, to have a personal relationship with our awesome and most loving God.  Pretty amazing gift....... even way better than the new bicycle I have been longing for now for the past year or so!!!  :-)

This morning, before we open presents together as a family in our home, we will stop first to pray...... and then we will sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!!!

I wish each and every one of you who reads this a very Merry Christmas this year!!!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas son. Have a wonderful day and truely enjoy every moment.