Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012...... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

We made it!!!  Another year come and gone, and the start of a brand new year is officially underway as of today.....  Happy New Year one and all.  :-)

The month of December was fairly fast and furious for us this year, with lots of events, road trip to Oregon and back, family visiting after Christmas, etc.  We had a really good Christmas, and the kids have had a great Winter break from school......staying up way too late practically every night now!

Today I am allowing the kids to sleep in as long as they want to...... as they need the rest, and must start getting ready to go back to school tomorrow.  Today we will lounge around the house and watch football on the TV, watch a movie or two or three, and just relax and rest and take it easy!  :-)

Tomorrow we get back into the groove again, and really get the new year started.....the kids will be back at school, I will be back in the gym, and we will start taking down and putting away the Christmas decor for the next 11 months.  Outside lights will come down as the weather permits, and we will start cleaning up and organizing around the house throughout the month of January.

In February and March, I have plans to start working in the kids' rooms upstairs, first with Evan's, and then on to Sierra's.  Evan and I are planning to design and build some loft beds in his room, re-organize, put up some shelves, posters, etc.  The goal is to make his room more user-friendly, and better equipped for having his buddies spend the night on occasion.  Sierra' room is in need of painting for sure, as well as some serious organizing.

For me, things are changing fairly significantly on the work front.  I start working a 4 platoon schedule this month, after working a 3 platoon schedule for the past 20+ years!!!  In my career, I have worked on A-shift, B-shift, and C-shift.  Now, I will be working on the new D-shift.  Also, I am moving from station 2 in Fairhaven, and am now the assigned driver of engine 4, Yew St. station.  A new crew, a new station, a new shift, and a new schedule........ yep, just a little bit of change!!!  :-)

Another change for me with work...... I am planning to commute to and from work on my bike as often as possible this year!  I have the right gear, the bike is ready, I have been doing it a fair amount for the past couple of months already, and it will be so good for me in so many ways!  Logging more miles on my bike for the year, getting exercise regularly, saving on gas and wear/tear on the Honda....... I am actually looking forward to this challenge.  Of course, I wish every day could/would be warm and dry for my rides, but I suppose I will have to wait for Heaven for those days!  :-)

So, for now, I wish everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year.  I hope that each of you can look forward to having a wonderful year in 2012........  see ya soon!!!  :-)

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  1. Happy New Year Gordon. We love you and, as always, we wish nothing but the best for you and your family in every aspect of your lives. Happy 2012 to all.