Saturday, January 21, 2012

The end of an era.... Grandpa has gone to heaven!!!

With both a heavy and a joyful heart, I am here today to tell you all that my grandfather, Lawrence C. Neitling, went to heaven last Monday evening, January 9th, at the age of 94 years!

I last posted here on the 5th, and then got the news the following Monday evening from my dad.  With so much to do, and with wanting and needing to be with family, we headed to Oregon shortly after, and have been there until just this recent Wednesday.  We had grandpa's funeral services on Tuesday.

There is so much I could write about of our time spent in Oregon, but don't really feel the need to.  Instead, I would simply like to say here that I miss my grandpa, absolutely love my grandpa, and that I am so very happy for my grandpa now..... he is at rest, at peace, and in heaven with Jesus!!!

Grandpa was my hero.  He was a simple man, who loves God with all of his heart.  He worked hard to provide for his family, even in the midst of some very difficult times in their lives.  He loved just about everyone, and could easily befriend complete strangers.  He loved to smile, talk and sing.....and he prayed!!!  He prayed a lot.  Grandpa loved camping and fishing, and especially if these things involved his family and friends.  The Metolius River was a special place for grandpa for so very many years, and we were so fortunate to have been able to spend his last trip there with him this past summer!!!  We will go there again this summer, without him, in remembrance of him, and share our stories around the camp fire about days gone by with him.

I could write about my grandpa all day long, and still not be I will wrap this up now instead.  I just want everyone to know that grandpa has gone to heaven....that he was ready to go to heaven....and that heaven is so very lucky to have him there!!!  :-)

We will miss grandpa here on earth, in our daily lives.....and yet, we will move forward with our lives, knowing that we now have him watching over us every day.

Rest easy and enjoy heaven for eternity, grandpa.  I love you forever and ever.....Amen!!! 

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  1. Grandpa was a great, great person. I know he is happy and in a great place, but he is going to be so missed.