Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Far, So Good.................

Well, here we are 5 days into January, and a brand new year..... and so far, things are going smoothly!!!  YAY..... the kids are back into school routine, without any major problems as of yet, I started my first shift on my new schedule, at my new station....and it was good, and I successfully completed my first bike commute to and from work for the year, despite the nasty wind and rain storm on the day I was heading home!!!

Of course, not everything is going completely as planned just yet.  There always has to be something to hold things up, and allow the month to get away from us......and this year is no exception to that.  Tracie has been sick since we started this new year, with a fairly nasty head cold, that just doesn't seem to want to go away, even as of this morning!  :-(  Along with that, and perhaps because of that as well, we still haven't started working on taking down Christmas decor inside the house, and getting the place back to "normal" mode once again.  It IS still just the very first week of January, and we DID actually do nothing on the 1st and 2nd, as it was New Years holiday routine.....and then I DID go to work on the I would say that we are NOT yet actually behind!!!  :-)

So, as this first week of January comes towards an end, and we come to our first weekend of the new year, I am confident that we will begin to get productive around here.  We will start with taking down Christmas stuff and getting it all put away until the end of November.  We will then clean and organize and get the house put back together once again.  As soon as the weather allows outside, I will work on taking down and putting away Christmas lights once again.  And we will start making plans and check lists for accomplishing some indoor, winter weather projects.....such as working on the kids' rooms upstairs.

This Friday and Saturday, we will be helping some really great friends to paint the inside of their recently acquired Salon business in Bellingham.  I am ready for some fun and some laughs, and some serious painting this weekend.......who knows, maybe I will earn myself a free hair cut or something!!!  ;-)

OK, time to get today started.  Kids are off to school, and Tracie is still NOT feeling well, so we need to figure out what we plan to try and get done today.

Thanks for caring enough to read along.... I hope I haven't bored anyone with too much rambling on.  :-)

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