Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Snow.... Are You Kidding Me???!!!???!!!???!!!???

It is March....not just March, but 6 days into March..... and what happens last nigh?  SNOW!!!  I wake up to find a winter wonderland outside once again.....after begging and pleading and praying for nicer days to come, drier days, warmer days, sunnier days!!!

Well, the sun came with it, so I at least got that.  Absolutely beautiful outside today, with clear blue skies and sunshine.....but not warm, and not dry yet either.

I am beginning to despise winter, and even more, snow  :-(

I can see right now, so very clearly, that I will be a snowbird just the minute I retire from the fire service!!!  Arizona and/or Southern California for the Winter months, and then where our kids are for the late Spring and Summer and Fall..... yes, that should work just fine!!!

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  1. Sounds familiar. We will be heading south for the winter again next year.