Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Predator Among Us.................

We are sickened.  We are saddened.  We are outraged.  We are devastated.  We are disgusted.

This past week we came to find out that the person whom we considered to be a great family friend, Greg Bass, is actually nothing more than a lying, deceiving, perverted, monster of a pedophile!!!!!!!!  :-(

Our hearts ache to know that we gave this predator the last 12 years of our lives, to see him on a journey of recovery and restoration, of giving him opportunities to change his life, and to be included in ours.  We opened our hearts, our home, and our lives to this person, doing what we felt God wanted us to do.  We never fully trusted Greg, and we were always diligent in doing everything we could to protect our kids, knowing of Greg's past, and his being labeled a level one sex offender, from what he did to his own two boys.

We were careful, and we were diligent.....but he was manipulative and deceiving!!!  He was a very good actor, and he played his part extremely well......taking his time.....years even, to do everything he possibly could to work his way in to our family....all in an effort to get to our son!!!  :-(

Well, everything came out this past week, and a very long story made short is this....  the monster is out of our lives!!!  We are working hard on our end of things to have him arrested and convicted and locked away, where he belongs.  We are getting the word out to everyone we know, and all who could be impacted by this predator!!!

Let me say this, to be very clear to you all who are reading........ Greg Bass is most certainly NOT the person he presents himself to be!!!  Greg Bass is NOT rehabilitated from his past!!!  Greg Bass is most certainly a monster, a predator and a pedophile!!!  Be very careful if you should choose to be involved in his life from this day forward.  He has done absolute destruction to his own family.....not only once now, but again, just recently!!!  He has tried to destroy my family.... and by the grace of God, we were able to stop him from doing so!!!!

They live among us..... and they are everywhere!  It is a scary world... so be careful.  Protect your loved ones!  Believe me..... I thought we were doing everything right.... and a monster still found his way in.

As for us.... we are doing better each day.  We are strong, and we have a most awesome and amazing network of family, friends and pastoral care..... we are so very blessed.  :-)

We will prevail.... we have God on our side!!!


  1. Okay so other than being a professional and very calculating, how did he pull the wool over your eyes when you were so diligent and careful from knowing of his past? Did Evan tell you something was up or did you see signs? Are there signs we can look for even with those we trust the most? I'd like to educate others if the subject ever comes up and help save other potential victims

  2. you can inbox me if you'd like :)