Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's May!!!

WOW..... I took a short hiatus it would appear.  Last thing I remember, we were in the middle of April, with baseball season finally getting started.  And now, here we are already three days into May!!!

Baseball season has been a very wet and unpredictable thing this year for us thus far.  The weather has not cooperated most of the time, ad many games have been cancelled already.  Today appears to not be in our favor already, which will cancel two more games.

I just managed to work back to back 48 hour shifts in the past five days....and I am home now, exhausted, and ready to rest and recover!  Four days off from work now, and that will be very nice indeed.  Hopefully the weather will get better over the next few days, so I can get out on the bike and ride again.

Today finds Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Larry coming up to visit with us for a week.  They will arrive late this afternoon sometime.  Again, hopefully the weather will cooperate just a bit, so we can enjoy the time together, and allow them to see a baseball game or two while they are here.

I have been, and am in the middle of, doing a 24 day challenge through Advocare.  This is a 10 day herbal cleanse cycle, followed by 14 days of intense, rigid and structured diet and exercise, designed to optimally kick ones metabolism into high gear, and to maximize energy levels while burning away fat from the body.  So far, awesome results!!!  After the first week, I had lost 8 pounds!!!  Week two I dropped another 5 pounds.  I am in week three right now, and will finish the actual challenge next week, on May 9th.  However, I have decided to go ahead and work at sticking things out as structured as possible, even without the Advocare products, until May this will mark exactly one month since I started the challenge.  May 14th will be my week four, and final weigh-in for the challenge.  I am very hopeful to be able to lose an additional 5 more pounds during that time.  If so, I will finally be below 190 pounds, for the first time since before I was hired on the BFD nearly 21 years ago!!!  :-)

My brother, Brad, is also doing the challenge along with me.  He lost nearly 9 pounds on week one, and another 5 pounds on week two.  He is finally in the 220's, and we are hopeful that he can get down to right at 220 pounds by our final weigh-in..... just 6 more pounds for him to go!!!  :-)

As for me, it is now time for me to kick my cycling into high gear, as I am training to race the road bike leg of the Ski to Sea race, for out competitive BFD team.  This will be my first Ski to Sea race since I was on probation 20+ years ago!!!  I have very big shoes to fill on the road bike leg, and with a 42 mile race pace set before me, I have a lot of work to do between now and then!!!  :-)  So come on May weather..... start acting more like a nice spring!

Well, I am quite tired right now, and not feeling up to doing much of anything.  So, with the weather being what it is outside today (rain!!!), I think I will go veg out in front of the TV for a while, and possibly catch a little nap...... that way I can be ready for the afternoon, and the remainder of my days off.  :-)

I hope that this day finds you, who are reading my blog, to be very well...... happy and healthy, of good mind and body and spirit!!!  Remember to live and laugh and to love... it will do you, and those you are in contact with, a great deal of good!!!  :-)

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