Monday, May 28, 2012

Ski to Sea Success.... First Place!!!

WOW!!!  What a day I had yesterday....... my first time ever in the Ski to Sea race in over 20 years!!!  My very first time dong the road bike leg of the race.  My first time racing with a competitive team, who holds very high standards and expectations of all of its members!!!  And, I stepped in as a fill-in racer, to fill the very large and highly impressive cycling shoes of our own expert cyclist, Willy Spaulding.  All of these things must have been enough to give me cause to push myself hard in training and preparing for yesterdays big race, because everything came together, and we had a most awesome day!!!  :-)

Bellingham Firefighters took first place in the corporate division!!!  I did quite well in my leg of the race, and managed to shave off nearly a full 10 minutes from my previous ride down the race course, just a week and half earlier!!!  I couldn't seem to find any groups of cyclists to hook up with, to help share the work with, and to go faster, I ran the majority of the 42 miles as a solo, working as hard as I could to keep myself up around a 21+ mph overall average speed.  It worked, and I came in with a time of 1:54:00, officially, giving me an overall average speed or 21.75mph!!!

I am relieved, quite happy, and feeling very, very, very happy today about my first experience as the road biker for the BFD team.  So glad they trusted me to step up for them, and that they actually believed in me enough to be willing to risk a high level finish if I should not perform well.  I am honored to have been chosen, and feel really good about the end results.  :-)

It was a very long day, and I owe big thanks to my brother, Brad, for getting up early and helping me get up the mountain.  He helped keep me calm, made sure I had everything I needed, got photos and video of the start of my leg, and then had to sit and wait to come off the mountain, thus missing my finish in Everson!  THANK YOU, Brad!!!  I really appreciate what you did for me!!!  :-)

I also want to thank my family, for their love and support, and for spending a long day yesterday, in Fairhaven, as we celebrated the finish line festivities and activities.  I know it was a whole lot more fun and exciting for me than for any of them.....but they came along, and supported me the whole time.....even when I spent an hour in the beer garden with fellow racers and Bellingham Pipes and Drummers!!!  :-)

Today is recovery day!  Plans for today....... grocery shopping, lawn mowing and weed whacking, setting up chairs and tables outside, having a family camp fire this evening....complete with hot dogs and/or brats over the fire!  Relax, rest, enjoy time with the family, give thanks to all of those who have died in service for our great nation!!!  :-)

Tomorrow, back to work..... finish out this month and head right on into June already!!!  How crazy is that?!?!?!?!?!

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  1. You are very welcome. I had a great day, and a great time. But I am really looking forward to competing next year. :)