Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LBF life in the month of May!!!

My last post was 20 days ago, which doesn't seem all that long ago in real time.....but in blog time, that leaves a whole lot to be remembered and put into order, so that  we can look back on the life and times of Fireguy..... and my family!

Back on May 3rd, Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Larry came to visit for a short week.  It was longer than they usually are able to be here, and we had a great time with them, not being stressed about trying to pack so much into such little time.  We were able to relax, go at an easier pace, and enjoy our time together.  We had the time to play together, relax together, eat together, shop together, and even do some outdoor work together!  It was quite an enjoyable time with them, and we miss them now that they are gone.  Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa, for taking time out of your lives, to come up here ans spend time with us in ours!!!  :-)

We enjoyed our first time experience at the B'ham Farmer's Market on May 4th, and had a good time looking around, sampling a variety of things, and then eating a very yummy meal across the way, at Boundary Bay Brewery!!!  That place rocks....great food, excellent beers!!!  :-)

Also over that weekend,  I managed to get some bike riding in, and we attended church together on Sunday.  Tracie and I skipped our Financial Peace class that weekend, so we could spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa while they were here with us.  We managed to get lawn mowing and edging done, and some weeding and cleaning of some flower bed areas was taken care of, followed by planting of a mini garden, of sort, in our old half whiskey barrels out front!!!  Great idea, and it will be fun to see how it goes.  :-)

Brad and I both finished out our 24 day Advocare challenge the next week, and altogether I lost a total of 12 pounds, while gaining lean muscle mass..... and ended up with a body fat of 12% overall on May 15th.  Just 2% away from my goal now!!!  :-)

We celebrated Grandma's and Tracie's birthdays on May 8th, and then Mother's Day that following weekend.  Mother's Day was different this year, in that we were at Bender Fields in Lynden all weekend, for Evan's baseball tournament.  It was so much fun.... the weather was awesome, sunny and quite warm!!!  Evan's team ended up winning the tournament, which made for a great Mother's Day gift to Tracie, from Evan!!!  We had a most awesome weekend, and I do believe that Tracie had a wonderful Mother's Day as well.  :-)

Somehow, in the course of two weeks time, I also managed to fit in three 48 hours shifts at work, and then followed that up with a 12 hour, night OT shift on Friday the 11th.  Also on that Friday, I was able to go and celebrate Jim Lane's retirement from the BFD, after 25 years!!!  It was a most fantastic party, and I wish I could have been there all night long...but OT money won out!!!  :-)

Over the past several weeks, we have been juggling around the county, watching both Evan and Sierra play baseball games.....sometimes both of them on the same days, and even at the same times!!!  Yes, life is getting busier and crazier..... we love it!!!

And then, this past weekend, we made a huge leap forward in technology....... we gave up our old cell phones, which weren't even recognized on the Sprint web site anymore!  We have now both moved on to brand new Apple Iphone 4s'!!!!!!!!  :-)  WOW!!!  Awesome!!!  Amazing!!!!  Exciting!!!!  Fun!!!!  Cool!!!!  Neat!!!!!  Big learning curve!!!!!  :-)

And now, here I sit, with just four days left before my first time as part of the BFD Ski to Sea corporate team, racing the road bike course on Sunday, May 27th.  I am excited, and I am nervous, and I do NOT know what to expect!!!  I am hoping and praying that things go very, very , very well for me....... I do NOT want to let this team down, as they have repeatedly done very well in years past.  I hope to give my very best, and pray that God will guide me safely and very quickly through the entire 42 miles!!!  It will be a fun day, especially after I am done, and can shower, relax, and head to the finish line festivities!!!  :-)

Today, I am off to work for one last shift before the big race day event.  I hope to have a really good shift, work hard, workout hard, laugh hard, have fun with  crew, eat well, and hopefully,,,,, get a good night  of rest as well.  :-)

Next blog will more than likely be a few days after the big race, once I am recovered!!!  Until then, thanks for reading along, and being a part of my life!!!  :-)

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  1. Great times and great memories. We love being a part of your life.