Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthday, Weather, Cycling, Kids, Hair.....

Today is the day..... my day.... my birthday.....  my 45th.  Don't feel any different, other than being about 20 pounds heavier than I wanted to be at this time.  Tired from being up at work, and getting up early.  Disappointed in the weather, since I had plans to ride today.  But alas, it is still my birthday!

The weather is crazy.  The forecast had been for today to be nice, and dry, just on the cool side is all.  However, so far today, we have had sun and rain and snow and hail.... and it doesn't show signs of great improvement that would lead me to getting my riding gear on!  :-(

Good news, the weather is supposed to be much better tomorrow, and I don't work!!!  So, letting go of the dream to ride 45 mile on my 45th birthday..... putting it off for one day.  I will go for my ride tomorrow, and maybe will be able to convince my brother, Brad, to go along with me!!!  :-)

My kids are amazing and awesome!!!  I love them so much, and they most certainly love me!!!  They spent 2 1/2 hours working together last night, to make a most awesome Happy Birthday Daddy sign for me, which they had hanging on the side of the house for me to see when I came home today!!!  It is awesome.  I posted a picture of it to FB, so you should be able to see it for yourself.  I can't wait to get my hands on both kids, and give them hugs and kisses like crazy!!!  :-)

Hair..... that is the hot topic around here this week.  We were supposed to get Evan's hair put into corn rows two days ago..... but, long story made short, it didn't happen.  Instead, we are heading back to Bellingham Beauty School today at 3:30pm, for Evan to be used by the head instructor, as she puts on a class for her students on how to put in silky dreadlocks!!! Yes, that is right.... Evan is going to get the dreads that he has wanted for so long now!!!  I will post photos this evening...... not sure at all what he is going to look like.

Anyway..... since I am not riding today, and Tracie and the kids are at school.... I am heading into B'ham to meet a fellow friend and firefighter, for lunch at Coconut Kenny's, and a couple of pints at Kulshan Brewery.   :-)

Just 10 days away from being in Hawaii...... and that will be how I celebrate my 45th birthday!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Son! You have a great family and so meny blessings. Say thanks and enjoy the day.