Monday, March 18, 2013

Hitting My Mid 40's.....

Today marks my final week of being in my early forties.  This Friday, I turn 45 years young, and it doesn't bother me at all.  The only thing I am upset about is the fact that I had hoped and planned on being in the very best shape of my life when I celebrated my 45th, and that just isn't going to be the case.  Sadly, due to a very rough past five months of working a second job that I hated, and losing out on the time that I once had for taking care of myself...... well, I lost what I have spent the past several years working so hard for.  I gained back about 15 pounds, and lost lean muscle mass at the same time.  I am very disappointed that I am in the condition that I am now physically, and that I won't be meeting my goal for myself come this Friday.  But, on the bright side, I also won't be working the second job any longer, and will now be back on track to get myself physically and mentally and emotionally healthy once again.  I am confident that I can be back where I want to be once again by the time summer arrives.... and I just have to move ahead and accept that is how it is.

Yes, I had really high expectations for my 45th birthday, and those expectations aren't going to happen.  I am disappointed, yes, but also happy, knowing that I am now able to start moving forward again towards being a much happier and healthier person.  I need that so very badly right now.

I am so very much looking forward to going away to Hawaii the first of April, to soak up some much needed sunshine and warmth, along with an escape from day to day life here at home.   I look forward to connecting again with my kids.  I look forward to once again starting back into a fitness lifestyle.  I look forward to just resting and relaxing on a warm, sandy beach.  I look forward to having fun, and laughing, and playing.  I look forward to coming back home fully rejuvenated and ready to forge ahead in life.

We have a lot to do over the next two weeks.  Getting everything ready to go, shopping still for things we need,  sports activities for both kids, brakes replaced on my Honda, getting our new house sitter acquainted with our home and animals, Biolife plasma donations to earn more spending money.

No doubt, the next two weeks are going to fly by.  We will be in Hawaii before we know it, and that is awesome.  I have been ready to go since we booked the trip!!!

For now, time to go start tearing into the Honda's brakes..... been running metal on metal for way too long.  I got a day or two of work ahead of me on this project.

Come Friday, I hope to log 45 miles on the bike, to celebrate my 45th birthday.  And then, I plan to enjoy a nice birthday dinner, and a couple of delicious beers.

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