Thursday, January 13, 2011

Latest Body Composition.....

OK, so two years ago I had a wake-up moment and realized that I was huge, fat, obese, unhealthy and unhappy.  I decided to change my life, to become the healthy person I have wanted to be, felt that I should be, and want to be for my children as they grow.

So, in January of 2009, I began my personal journey of weight loss and body transformation, as well as with changing my diet and my lifestyle habits.  I topped the scale back then at nearly 290lbs!!!  Today, I weigh in at 199lbs!!!  :-)

This past year, I have had my body composition done a couple of times, both to see where I was at, and also to track my progress along the way.  I really wish I had done my body comp back when I first started, but it just never crossed my mind back them...maybe because I knew just how bad the numbers were!  So today, with marking this month as two years into my new life of being healthy and fit and happy, I had my body comp done again, to see where I am at, and also to help me establish some goals for this upcoming year ahead.

As of today, my total body weight is 199lbs.  My lean body mass is 175lbs.  My fat weight is 24lbs.  My body fat percentage is now at 11.9%

I am quite happy with my results, and realize that with this I have already reached one of my goals that I made for myself for this year, to be at or less than 12% body fat.  :-)

With my new lease on life, new outlook on health, and new body that allows me to do so very much more... I am thoroughly looking forward to a great year of fun and fitness with my family!!!  :-)


  1. When you really lay it out there, you realize just how far you have come.

    That is so cool and so awesome.

    Thank you for deciding to do this for yourself. And by doing this for yourself, encouraging others, such as myself, to take the leap toward healthy living.

    My 2 year mark since getting serious, joining a fitness facility, is Aug 09. So my 2 year mark is about 6 or 7 months away. I am excited to see where I am at when that time comes around.

    Awesome work buddy. You look great, and I know that you must feel great. And you need to remember to feel great about yourself everyday. You deserve it. :-)

  2. LOL.... Thank You!!! :-) And you are welcome!!! Of course, I am most pleased with making this decision for myself, and to take care of myself for me, and for my family. But, I also now realize that my journey has helped others, such as yourself, to get motivated and to start on a journey of their (your) own. :-)

    It will be ver cool to see just where you are at when your two year date comes up. You have done an amazing job so far, and you have some really good goals in store for this year.

    Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I do feel great, and I do belive that I deserve to be healthy, and to fee good about myself every day...... this is why I choose to stay with a healthy lifestyl, and a life filled with fitness from this point forward!!! :-)

    You deserve it as well, and I am excited to follow you on your journey as this next 6 months go by.