Monday, January 24, 2011

Time for Taxes.....

Oh boy..... and I say that without any enthusiasm in my voice at all.  :-(

Yes, even though I am nearly 100% positive that we will get a tax return again this year, it just isn't enough to make me even the slightest bit excited about all of the work that needs to be done right now in order to get everything together for doing our taxes.  I know that everything should be all organized and put together throughout the e year, so that all I need to do is grab it and take it out our friendly tax gal, but for some reason that just never seems to happen around here.  No, instead I am now having to take the time to try and remember everything from last year, organize everything from last year, log everything from last year, tally everything from last year, and put everything together from last that we can eventually get it all to Amy, our friendly tax lady, so she can perform her magic and see to it that we get the maximum return we can.... legally!!!  :-)

Right now, I am sitting here with a calculator, adding up sales tax from all of the receipts we have saved up for the entire last year..... knowing that by doing this, we get substantially more money back than if we are to just take the basic allotted amount based on our income.  It takes much more work, but has proven itself for the past two years now..... so here I go again, adding and adding and adding!!!

I would like to say that this year will be different, and that I will do a much better job at keeping up with tax stuff, and with being more organized, etc.  However, I know it will only work for the first four or five months, and then we will get busy with summer, and it will all go back to just how we do it year after year after year.  And again, this time next year, I will write yet another complaint about myself, and how much I don't like doing taxes.....even with knowing that money is coming back to us!  :-)

Oh well..... I am actually quite lucky to have this problem to complain about, yes?!?!?!?!?!   And this year, I happen to already know how we are going to use our tax return..... selflessly!!!  :-)

Praise the Lord, for He is worthy of our praise!!!

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