Sunday, April 10, 2011

The boy is fast!!!

So, yesterday morning Brad and Evan and myself all entered and ran the Lynden 6k Fun Run, held at Bender Park.  This was an organized fund raising run, with the money raised going to help support Children of Hope Orphanage in Dulce Refugio, Mexico.  This seemed like a great cause, and worthy of us getting out early and getting our morning fitness in to start the day of right.  The weather was just right, and there was a rather nice turnout of people at the event.

Anyway, the 6k run works out to be 3.75 miles.  Evan ran a 4 mile run back at the beginning of March, with a time of right at 37 minutes.  He has been convinced that he could have run it faster, and was excited to try and beat his time at this run.  I kind of figured that if we finished at around 32-34 minutes, we would be doing really well for the day, and especially for Evan.  If we could finish between 30-32 minutes, then it would be a most excellent day of running, for all of us!  So, what did we do?  We blew Evan's time away from his previous run, and his pace....

Evan finished the 6k (3.75miles) in 28 minutes and 47 seconds!!!  This is fast!!!  This means that Evan maintained a running pace of 7.8mph, or a 7:40min/mile!!!  The kid is only 9 1/2 years old..... I was both amazed and proud of my son.  :-)  To add to this already great success story, Evan also finished the race in 14th place overall.... simply fantastic!!!  And he hasn't even been training to run distance since his last run... just has remained the very active kid that he is!!!

As a comparison, since this run was a full .25miles shorter than his last run, here is how his 4 mile run results stacked up.... he finished the 4 mile run in 37 minutes and 53 seconds.  Thus, Evan had a running pace of 6.3mph, or a 9:28min/mile!

Amazing!  Evan absolutely rocked it yesterday morning!  He improved  hugely, and blew his previous pace away, not even by just a little, but by a lot!!!  It was so much fun to run with my boy, and to be able to share this experience with him.  I know that Evan was able to do so well yesterday because we were together, and because I helped to set the pace for him, and to help keep him on track with that pace throughout.  Other than that, though, it was Evan's self determination and athleticism that carried him through... not me!

I am also very pleased with myself for how we both did yesterday.  I had a great run as well, and set and maintained a much faster pace than I ever could have imagined being able to do before.  In fact, it was much faster than I expected us to run as well.  I had planned that we would try and run at about 7mph, or 8:34min/mile, coming at around just over 32 minutes...... that's what I had thought and planned on anyway!  But no way.... we had a great morning, and a fantastic run, both of us.  I managed to finish just a bit quicker than Evan, as Evan lost his wind in the final sprint to the finish line, while I was able to hang on just a bit longer.  I finished the race in 28 minutes and 39 seconds, which gave me a pace of 7.85mph, or a 7:38min/mile, and overall came in 12th place!  :-)

Yes, I am very happy about our run yesterday.  However, you may notice that I have talked only about myself and Evan, though I mentioned that Brad was also running with us.  Well, unfortunately, things didn't go as planned for Brad.  He started out well, and stayed strong for quite a while.  However, at some point, his hip started bothering him, and ultimately caused him to have to stop  and walk for a while.  He attempted to run again a bit later, but things didn't improve greatly.  He did push himself to run out the end, but was not very happy with how things went.  He came across the line at just a little over the 32 minute mark.  I was really bummed for him, as I know how much he wanted to run a really strong run, with a good overall pace, and more than that, to be able to finish this run with Evan and I.  It didn't happen yesterday.... but I am convinced that it will happen soon!  Perhaps in two weeks, when we head out to run the 5k run with the fuzz, to support local law enforcement agencies!

So, there you have it..... me bragging up my boy once again!  I am sorry to keep on all about him.....OK, no I am not!!!  As long as Evan keeps doing such amazing and wonderful things, I will continue to brag about him here!!!  I love that boy, and am so proud to be his dad.

Next run is on Saturday, April 23rd... the Fun with the Fuzz 5k, in Bellingham!!!

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  1. I wish I could have shrugged off my disappointment so that I could have celebrated Evan's AWESOME achievement. I should have been focused on being happy for him, but was to busy moping about me.

    Congrats to you and to your boy. That was so cool, and so awesome. I am looking forward to the Run with the Fuz 5k coming up. I would love to see us finish in the sub 23 min. :-)

    Love you guys.