Friday, April 15, 2011

Here Comes the Weekend!!!

It's Friday, and it's the first Friday in a while now that we are back into our said "normal" routine.  Grammy & Papa are back in Oregon, so it is just us and Uncle Brad once again.  That said, nothing around here this time of year is actually very "normal"...... just busy and hectic and crazy and fast-paced.  So, here is how our weekend is shaping up for us at this point.....

This evening, we will be heading back to school for family movie night, sponsored by the PTO.  We will be watching the movie "Earth", and the kids will be enjoying dirt pudding, popcorn and soda.  This is being done in recognition of Earth Day, which is coming up next week.

Tomorrow morning we will be at the Northwest Soccer Fields @ 9am, ready for Evan's 9:15am soccer game.  Then, weather permitting, we will be at the Sumas ball fields for a double header scrimmage baseball games with Evan's team, from around 2pm until 5 or 6pm.  

Sunday morning we will head to church, but rather than the 10am service that we normally attend, we will go to the 11:30am service instead.  After church, we will head somewhere to have a nice sit-down family lunch together.  Then, at 2pm, we will head on over to a surprise birthday party for a good family friend of ours.  From there, we will head right on out to the Northwest Soccer Fields once again, where we will  be having our team pictures taken at 3:45pm.  After pictures, we will start warming up for our make-up soccer game from last week, which starts at 4:45pm.

After the soccer game, we will head home, where we will get the kiddos cleaned up, fed and ready to relax for the evening...... and that will be it for our weekend!!!


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