Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers.....

April is here.  And just like we learned growing up, "April showers bring May flowers"..... indeed, Aprils has started out living up to this popular phrase quite well.  In fact, the forecast over the next two weeks here seems to be following right along!  I am so sick and tired of the rain....... I so badly hope that the second half of that phrase requires lots and lots of sunshine to make happen!

My bicycling thus far this year is nearly non-existent when compared to last year at this time!  I long to ride more miles, but I have struggled with the wet and the cold and the wind this year....... no doubt, I will be a great snow bird when I retire!!!  :-)

BUSY!!!  This will be the word we use most frequently for the next five months now!  With Spring comes the busy and crazy and hectic and fun time in our lives, where we spend all of our time making our lives revolve around school and sports activities.  Evan is playing both baseball and soccer, while Sierra is taking on t-ball for the the first time this year.  After much pleading from both Evan and his best friend Jacob Roosma, I have taken on the role of head coach for the soccer team.  So, here we are, heading into April...... and this is what our month kind of looks like already:

This next week is spring break for the kids, so no school...... and two kids who will be bored at all times if we aren't working hard to find things to entertain them!

TUESDAY - the boys head to Canada for hockey night.  Uncle Brad won tickets to the Abbottsford Heat game on Praise 106.5 , and the girls will have girls night while we are gone.

WEDNESDAY - soccer practice for Evan, as well as baseball practice

THURSDAY - baseball practice again for Evan, and t-ball practice for Sierra

FRIDAY - heading south to Seattle Prime Outlets for a shopping day.

SATURDAY - Lynden 6k Fun Run at Bender Park in the morning, and Evan's soccer game in the afternoon.

April 16th & 17th - weekend baseball tournament in Lynden for Evan's team!

Sierra's first t-ball game on Saturday, April 23rd.... along with Evan's soccer game!

Sunday, April 24th is Easter!!!

Tuesday, April 26th...... Tracie and I go to see the performance of "CATS" at the Mt. Baker Theater!

Saturday, April 30th..... Sierra has her second t-ball game, and Evan has his last regular season soccer game

In between these dates are practices for all three sports, covering at least three days of each week, and sometimes five of the days!!!  Of course, we haven't yet dealt with our taxes, which obviously MUST be done, and soon!  And as always, other things will come up without a doubt..... and somehow, we will find a way to fit them in somewhere!!!  :-)

Yep, April is here..... the first quarter of this year is behind us already!  What am I doing here right now?  I have so much to do.....


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