Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baseball Season Opener a Success!!!

After a fast paced weekend that included a double header of scrimmage baseball on Saturday, as well as soccer games both Saturday and Sunday, along with a surprise 70th birthday party to attend, we made it through and on into the third week of April.  And to remind us that spring really isn't here fully just yet, we had the whole mix of weather once again yesterday morning...... rain, hail and snow..... then followed it up with a mostly sunny, yet rather breezy and cold day!!!

Thankfully, the weather cooperated enough throughout the day, so we were able to officially kick off Evan's baseball season with the season opener game last evening in Sumas, at 6pm.  We took on the Bellingham Bulldogs, and played a pretty good first game.  Nooksack took the win, 13-11 in the end, though at one point we held an 11-3 advantage.

Not sure what happened to Evan, though, as he did not play at the same level he has been playing in practices and the scrimmage games.  Not sure if he was nervous, of if the start of getting sick got the better of him or just what.... but he just wasn't hitter at the plate that he normally is, and he missed an easy play right to him at third at one point, then made a big throwing error later in the game, that cost us two more runs!  :-(

I am very happy for the team, to come out and start of the season with a win.  This will boost confidence and make them ready to play hard again this coming Wednesday, in Lynden.  I am just hopeful that Evan will once again find his game between now and then..... I was hurting for him in the stands last night.

Well, I am off to work today after eight days off.  Tomorrow, more baseball..... taking on the Lynden Storm team at Bender fields..... looking forward to it already!!!  :-)

Hello baseball season.......

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  1. Evan will get it together. He has some great coaches and they will help him get the kinks out I am sure. He is fun to watch and he loves the game.