Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Petal Pedal Just 10 Days Away!

Hard to believe that I am just 10 days of training away now from the second annual Petal Pedal century ride, in Silverton, OR.

I have been saying that the weather this year has held me back from logging nearly as many rides or miles on the bike as I had last year at this time..... and looking back on my log, it has turned out to be true!

At this point last year, I had logged 32 rides and 887.64 miles, whereas this year I am only at 22 rides and 724.82 miles.  A full 10 rides behind last years training, and a full 162+ miles behind at this point and time!!!  YIKES!!!

So, what does this say to me?  It says I have 10 days left to get myself ready for my first century ride of the season!!!  What do I have going for me this year over last year?  I have lost more weight, a fair amount even, and am in much better shape than I was last year at this time, not counting the cycling component of fitness.  What do I need to do over these next 10 days I still have to prepare?  Time to eat right, exercise diligently, and ride whenever possible, including at least one 50+ mile ride before we head to Portland next Thursday!

I am quite excited about riding this years Petal Pedal century ride.  I am excited first because it will be my first ride of the year with my very good friend, and fellow brother firefighter, Scott Taube!  I love Scott as a brother, and thoroughly enjoy riding with him, and just hanging with him whenever we get the chance.  I introduced Scott to cycling last year, and he has taken off amazingly with it, and is doing fantastic!  We rode Scott's very first century ride together last year at the Petal Pedal, on it's inaugural year!!!  I am also excited about riding this ride because the route is so beautiful and wonderful and fun and scenic..... what a great ride!  And I also am looking forward to this ride because at the end of the day there is wonderful food and beer awaiting at the finish line!!!  :-)

So, 10 days to get myself in some shape for cycling my first century of the year...... better get going, I need to log some miles today, just as soon as the rain all goes away!!!  :-)

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